Sunday, February 26, 2006

List of :) :)s

Some things which have reduced me to fits of giggles :

  • An extremely well-dressed man – suite, boot and all – carrying around four nimboos in one of his hands and a mobile in other.

  • An extremely well-dressed woman – jhinkak-minak saree, face made up – wearing jogging shoes.

  • Sakkath enthu guy boarding the bus – floor-boards shaking and all – thumping his way to an empty seat and ..... falling asleep (sheesh..... what an anti-climax).

  • Speaking of bus journeys, lady beside me sleeping with her mouth open (it took all my self-control not to laugh aloud whenever I glanced in her direction).

  • When my team-lead introduced us to the clients something like this – “This is my team comprising of four – three guys and a lady.” I admit that it’s that ‘lady’ part which psyched me out :) !! Me and a lady?? Tee hee tee hee..........

  • Var’s curse that men will fall for my (two-and-a-half feet long) plait first …..and then back away on seeing my face.

  • Roh, Tu and Var saying Kannada numerals aloud. They try... they really try... but fail miserably !

  • RK's indignant reaction when I finally mailed him my blog-url “What? There are already some entries.”

  • Aru's reaction when he found me one Sunday with my hair piled on my crown aaaaunnndd a face-pack :)! While I was reduced to hysterical giggles, Mom had come to check if someone was being killed

  • The notice on Ladies’ loo.

  • Whenever someone mentions dorm.

  • Sunaina and Darius bickerings on the Radio City. Some examples here.

  • The question “Are you free for the weekend? I will give you a call” from a person 70,000 miles away. It seemed er ... formal (??)!

There are some sobering thoughts as well.... but then this is the one I will be referring to for a long time to come :) !


Grandebelf said...

loved the matrimonial post!

chitra said...

-/Grandebelf ROTCL whenever I read that :) !

Grandebelf said...

How much of it is true?

Jay said...

Dedicate a song to get her attention?? Really? ;-)

Shruthi said...

The first and second on the list were way too funny :) Though why the lemon carrying guy should be funny, I dont know, but it is :))
I had read Alpha's matrimonial about you.. just as I was getting to knwo you :) Maybe I should read it after a while to truly appreciate it:))

chitra said...

Hyuck hyuck.... nearly all :)!!

Not really...but ya... it helps :) !

Imagine this - a 'phull professional' guy carrying nimboos... :) :)! I saw him on my way to the bus-stop. And yes, do not be mislead by her matrimonial ... :) :). Your impression counts, you see!

Grandebelf said...

Are u getting any responses for the matrimonial listing?

chitra said...

'Sadly' none !!

Khushi said...

//my (two-and-a-half feet long) plait


Khushi said...

//She dislikes male colleagues in general and abuses them on daily basis

ha ha ha... really??

chitra said...

Yup.... nijavaagloo :)!!

Not really :) !! But it is something which has made me laugh a lot!

Anonymous said...

Check it out

Grandebelf said...

Someone thought you got abused;)

chitra said...

Who?? Who??

Grandebelf said...

The guy who posted the anonymous

chitra said...

Hyuck hyuck !! Good idea though.

Phoenix said...


chitra said...

At me?? :):)

Rk said...

My getting angry makes some people to giggle. Moral: I should get more angry with lot of people.

chitra said...

Arrey... how did you jump into that conclusion? And you got angry? I thought that you got indignant :) !!