Friday, February 24, 2006

Witty ya sarcastic?

Hectic week. Phullu worku! Went home by around one in the morning, and was back to work by eight.

Result – tiredness and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mood !! But the resolution to stick to only two cups of tea a day stuck!

Typical conversation.......

He: Arrey.... kya hua? Not feeling well?

She: Haan yaar !! Kal late gayi thi na......

He: And I thought that you were in love...... pining for him.....:)??

She: Perhaps I am. You never know, right?

He: He should see you now. You look like a Panda bear with dark circles under your eyes.

She: Ya.... I know. That what makes me so adorable !!

He bursts out laughing and keeps quiet for the rest of the day.

She quietly goes about her work.

A show of wit ..... ya sarcasm? :) :)


Grandebelf said...

Joblessness to full work all in a days work!

chitra said...

Ya... and hectic work at that :(. Kisi ne nazar laga lee !!

Grandebelf said...

You shouldnt let the entire world know you are jobless:)

karmic_jay said...

Generous dollops of witticism with toppings of sarcasm?
Nothing like a day full of work..keeps ya out of trouble ya know?
PS: Thats how it goes for me..

chitra said...

The entire world cannot be influenced, you know? :) :)

-/Karmic Jay
He he ... sounds like a pizza in preparation :) ! But ya, nothing like a day full of work!