Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Aaah...the games that we play....

“Hi gorgeous, long time no see!” boomed a voice above my head.

I immediately looked behind to see if that ‘gorgeous’ was someone behind me. No one, not even a cleaning lady.

Realizing that that ‘endearment’ was meant for me, I looked up to find the owner of that voice – it was my colleague’s friend. I groaned inwardly – he was one of the most distasteful individuals I had ever met, and I had only tolerated him for the sake of my colleague. But now that my colleague was not here…….

I wanted to shoot back “Me and gorgeous…huh…kabhi nahin!!”

Somehow silence seemed the best option. So, pasted a cool smile on my face.

“So, what are you up to these days?” said the creature taking a seat opposite me.

“I do not remember inviting you to join me.”

Instead I replied “Nothing”.

Undaunted by my monosyllabic replies, he continued, “Your face is glowing like a beacon. What…. you in love or what?”

“WHAT….. you dim-witted moron… you have just compared me to a light-house.” I opened my mouth to convey the same when the devil took over my mind, and I replied, sporting an extremely sweet smile, “Oh my…. How clever you are ! How did you guess?”

He seemed a bit taken aback by my answer (who said that bluntness doesn’t work?) but recovered quickly to ask “Oho…. That’s news! So, who is he? Where did you meet him? Considering your taste, he must be exceedingly smart.”

I was only too happy to answer, “I meet him while waiting for the company bus. One beseeching look from those brown eyes set in that handsome face and my brain turned to mush. Initially, when I tried to befriend him, he was not interested. But now, things have changed a lot; so much that he looks forward to my company as much as I do.”

All this while he was nodding his head as if he was listening to a discourse, “Ya…. Ya….what was it which first attracted him to you?”

Oh man…. wasn’t this man being too inquisitive? Bachoo.... tu phas gaya samjho !!

“Hmmm………..there are so many to think of. Actually, (drawing out the last syllable) it was his aloofness which first attracted me. He seemed so lonely and sad that I felt sorry for him. It was as if he was crying out for desperately for someone to talk to him.”

“So…. You talked to him?” was his accusing question.

“Ya…. What else could I do? Anyway, that seemed to cheer him up immensely!” was my reply.

“Naturally……” he grumbled in an undertone.

“Now…. Why do I have the feeling that you are feeling jealous?” I wondered loudly.

“Me… and jealous?” he almost shouted. “No no…. why should I? It’s your life after all.”

I almost said, “So nice of you to realize it”.

I finished my tea. Time to escape.

Just as I was leaving, he enquired “Hey…. You did not tell me his name…..”

Repressing the urge to laugh aloud, I allowed myself a sarcastic smile before replying, “Well….. I never got around to asking. We communicate only through gestures. After all, what much can be expected of a dog?”

A pic captured by the best possible camera could not have done justice to his expression :). Tee hee tee hee......


Roy said...

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Hoping to hear you..

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chitra said...

Hey Roy, you do not need anyone's permission to peep into blogs. Feel free :).

Jyothika said...


chitra said...

Tanku tanku :) !!

Jay said...


Rk said...

You cleanse world, one by one.

chitra said...

Nope.... the responsibility is too great :).

chitra said...

Yup.... :).

Ajit Chouhan said...

good one ........but now i feel sorry for the poor chap.

Grandebelf said...

Even dogs are luckier than men:)

chitra said...

You do... do you??

That I completely agree :) :).

Vikram said...

Since you already called him a dim-witted moron, I'm gonna take liberty and say "what an assole"..:P

Anil The Great said...


that was something ....

a very witty and lovely way of handling that fellow.



American Pi said...

Did this really happen? Very funny story :)

chitra said...

Could not agree with you more :) :) !!

Thanks Anil !!

-/Amreekan Pie
Whaddya mean "Did this really happen?" Of course, it did :) !!

Hari said...

:-) I just imagined his face getting shattered to a million pieces...

chitra said...

How about getting captured in a million pixels instead? :)