Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just one similarity....

Nature has its own way of recovering from the atrocities inflicted by man. Whenever I pass through a shady tree-lined thoroughfare, I always marvel that nature finds its own way to survive in spite of the severe deforestation - a sapling here, a creeper there, a plant peeping from the cracks in the wall……………Humans, on the other hand, are not endowed with such abilities.

There are times when I question myself - my actions are answerable but my emotions…. well… instinctive and spontaneous, they have a life of their own. Under the guise of practicality and realism, there have been times when I have quelled these emotions mercilessly. But lately, I am finding it very difficult to do the same.

Why? Why can't I dare to dream? Am I so scarred by my past that I am afraid to reach out to something so real in the present?

Whenever I look at that smiling face I ask myself that question several times, and every time, my practical nature forces me to accept the same answer:

Because it's not dependant on you alone. To answer for the other person, you have to understand that person; and to understand that person, you have to think like that person; and if you start thinking like that person, there's no such thing like individuality…... and the reasoning goes on.....

Yesterday, while I was going around in circles, the mere words "I understand" in response to my tear-induced "I am hurting" statement, comforted me a lot. Thanks.....thanks for making an effort to understand my unsaid and unexpressed emotions.

What else can I say at present?

Yesterday, while I was struggling with this see-saw, I discovered that it was drizzling - rain drops that were so delicate that they seemed to just vanish into thin air. Finally, the dam burst forth to release the torrent of pent-up emotions. To await the aftermath of a drizzle - cool, fresh and reborn.

Yesterday, I realized that I could draw a parallel to nature at least in this respect.


Anurama said...

//my actions are answerable but my emotions…. well… instinctive and spontaneous, they have a life of their own.

wow... you have put it across so well..

Jyothika said...

woye-yenidu? yen nadithide?

chitra said...

Tanku tanku :) !!

My wave plummetted.
p.s Read Men are from Mars Women are from Venus :).