Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Say cheese.....:)

I was browsing through the snaps of one of my close friend’s reception when I came across one which portrayed a saree-clad yours-truly smiling benignly at the couple. I stared critically at the photo. Finally, I concluded that I looked like a slightly overweight single aunt bestowing her ‘blessings’ on the couple.

Sigh… what’s new??

Yugjactly nothing….. !!

When I was a kid, I was touted by all my adoring relatives as the next Ms. Mini Universe of the country. Now after ‘growing up’, I realize that kids look cute no matter what mammalian race they belong to; from monkeys to the largest mammal, the whale (errr….not sure about the platypus, though).

Initially, during my adolescent days, I blamed the photographer for all my ‘yuck’ photos, not withstanding 'dabba' camera, shaking frame, poor light, low-quality films. That time was the era of film cameras. So, I got 'shot' for eternity. Unlike now, wherein digital cameras have the easy facility to wipe your existence (only) off the memory card (not a film, mind you) with just a click of the ‘delete’ button, I have had live (and suffer) through innumerable such snaps.

A few (honest but despairing) observations in most photos:

  • My head looks too large for the rest of me.

  • My face looks like a shiny-shiny coin (read as yuxtremely oily), while in others, it looks as if I had just got up from bed aka sleepy, irritated and tired.

  • I have a maniac toothy grin filling most my face (now I wonder why).

  • I would have partly closed my eyes (a big thanks to the flash) making me look like as if I had drunk a gallon of …. err… beer(??).

  • Some dirty bugger would have pressed the ‘capture’ button even before I had begun to pose. I look so lost, aimless and hunched (like a beggar) that I am wondering whether that’s how I look in real life.

  • Close-ups have managed to make my already-enlarged nose seem like a … like a….. doNN-meNasinakaayi (capsicum). Oh…. for a nose like Cleopatra’s…………sigh. And how can I forget squint eyes!!

  • My hair seems all over my face that it’s a wonder (of wonders) that people are able to recognize me. Conversely, I would have pulled it so tight that I would have looked 10 years older.

  • And ya….the most common of all – some of my friends have decided to make me a cow – horns and all – while I have grinned stupidly into the camera with all the unawareness of an innocent (maybe this is why I believe in revenge).

Add a few permutations and combinations of all above and viola, I have something that can barely be digested! Par kya kare...control nahi hota :(.

From indignation to acceptance, I have covered a long journey indeed.

So, when one of my friends mailed me that she I looked ‘gorgeous’ in one of the photos, I immediately thanked her for her sarcasm .When actually, she was being quite honest.

Sigh…so…. what’s new??


Vikram said...

//doNN-meNasinakaayi //


Please forgive me... its been an eon i heard that word.. :(

kallekai beeja

somehow the local vendor never screamed doNN-meNasinakaayi when he was doing the rounds in the morning....

Chugs said...

again a pic would have been worth more than a ....

chitra said...

He never screams... he sings...."dooooNNmeNasinakaaaaaaaaaaaayiiiii" :) :).

Nahinnnnnnn....not again.... [:)].

Grandebelf said...

You should just put up the picutre and let us fill in the comments!

chitra said...

Et tu... ?? :) :)

Grandebelf said...

et tu?

chitra said...

Means "You too"? :) :)

American Pi said...

surely this post reeks of sarcasm?

chitra said...

-/Amreekan Pie
"Sigh…so…. what’s new??":) :).

Jyothika said...

yenamma self-pity na? ninninda?:O(
at the risk of soundin lesbian, (noooooo!! ) u did look beautiful-the quintessential Indian woman!

chitra said...

Howde...sakkath self-pity :( :(.
"at the risk of soundin lesbian, (noooooo!! ) u did look beautiful-the quintessential Indian woman!" Aha....yen comment idu.... anyway tanku tanku :) :).

Jyothika said...

ahha-kapi kaane neenu-compliment kottru kashta!

chitra said...

Oye,...thanks for the compliment, kaNe :) :) !!

Khushi said...

//From indignation to acceptance, I have covered a long journey indeed.

ha ha ha...

Grandebelf said...

which language? French?

chitra said...

Yup :).

Hmmm...Roman !

Prerona said...

i DETEST all snaps of mine. then someone comes along and says - wow ur so photogenic! means i look worse in real life :( lol!

chitra said...

That's one side I have never really looked at ! Thanks for the revealation :) !!

Anonymous said...

heard of this? "People who are photogenic arent beautiful in real-life, and those who are, arent photogenic" adu true aa? cant comment unless you put your pic up for public.


chitra said...

And scare you people off?? :) :)

Anonymous said...

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