Friday, February 10, 2006

Baby's day out

I love babies, but (there’s always a ‘but’) as long as their mothers are around. There HAS to be someone to rush to my rescue if the baby starts crying. I simply cannot handle it (at least till now).

I was returning home by a crowded bus (what else?) when this incident occurred. I was lost in the world outside the window when I felt something thrust into my lap. Irritation turned into astonishment when I realized that it was a baby!

My hands closed instinctively over the struggling bundle. I curiously looked down to see a cherubic face with round dark eyes staring back at me just as curiously. I frantically looked around for the mother – I was ready to offer the seat to her and stand. But no-one came forward to claim the responsibility.

“Now what?” I asked myself.

Blank. Rising consternation and panic !!

First things first…….

I took a few deep breaths and thus relaxed enough to take stock of the situation. Taking a better grip on the 'lady' on my lap, I settled into the seat as comfortably as I could (my hand-bag and lunch-bag got stashed somewhere in the melee). Sneaked a look at the un-invited guest; so far so good – she was quiet perhaps fascinated by my bracelet.

But no…… I was wrong. She had to have the urge to demonstrate her bawling skills in spite of my ‘cooing’ (now that I come to think of it, this could be the cause of her getting upset).

As she fretted, I felt the familiar helplessness rise. Where was her Mom? In another moment, her face crumpled and she was about to go live with her vocal performance when , in a moment of God-sent inspiration, I started humming Lukka Chuppi from RDB (well…. that is still fresh in my mind).

Instantly, she stopped fretting and looked curiously at my face, or rather the source. Good…. Gathering courage, I sang a few snatches of that song. Very good…. She had now grown quiet. BIG SIGH!

After half-an-hour, I happily relinquished her to her Mom (I really do not know why she had not ‘revealed’ herself) and stretched my stiff arms. As a result of this ‘exercise’, I now had stiff arms and sore throat!

Only one day.... and mera haal behaal ! Anu, how do you manage?


alpha said...

now where did the mom suddenly appear. funny incident.

ritzkini said...

Beautiful start to the day,eh..
Lukka-chuppi ? and you ?? Even the driver mustave enjoyed it..

Hari said...

May be it got too scared to continue crying...

!xobile said...

ayyo amma.. .when u become amma.. whaaat will u do...
ayyo socho socho!

chitra said...

Reminded me of a 'appearing act' (as opposed to a vanishing act) :).

Start?? He he he nope... end the day. This occured while I was returning home :).

Yup...that's what I thought initially :)!

Sochti hoon...sochti hoon...jab mein banoongi tab :) !!

Anonymous said...

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