Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sarcasm.... well...

I got thoroughly disgusted today !

Immediate outcome: A notice is tacked on the door of the Ladies Lounge at our workplace which says:

"Dear Ladies (and in this case no gentlemen),

We had to be the only female group in the entire building to be sanctioned (or assigned, or … whatever) a bathroom having a weird problem – well…. it’s engaged when vacant, and vacant when engaged. So, all those intelligent females who have not been able to figure this out, please refrain yourself from turning the door handle when it supposedly displays vacant. You may not know what exactly you would be interrupting (for that matter, privacy would be a suitable answer).

Long-suffering individual (obviously a female)………………"

I cannot help grinning wickedly whenever I read that on the door :).


Jay said...

Powered by intellect ... Driven by sarcasm?? ;-)

chitra said...


:) :). Not all times !!

ABiasForAction said...

Optimistic and sarcastic.Difficult combination isn't it. Pessimists are always sarcastic.
But surely Murphy was an optimist.

Sayesha said...

Haha! :D

chitra said...

Well... every rule has an exception :) !

Ya....I can laugh about it now !

Anurama said...

Makes me think how long I have waited outside the loo thinking someone is inside.. boy.. wish we keep such a weird type of knob in the gents loo too ;)

chitra said...

Ya... my sadistic part does wish that from time to time!