Monday, January 29, 2007

Happier days ahead(?)

God has been really kind to me for the last couple of weeks.

I have been at the receiving end of surprises comprising of the pleasanter variety.....and some of those improbable types.....the ones which I had given up hoping for. Well.....seems that I stopped hoping too early. Yipppeeee.....good for me :-)!

Call it pessimistic but I have started sending out feelers for happiness with a sense of caution. Maybe it’s people.....or maybe it’s the experience, which’s proved to be the teacher. But something has to be said about my (unnatural?) calm while dealing with the vagaries of life. The calm before the storm? Hmmmm.....only time can tell.......

Oh btw..... three done. Actually four....if I consider it a working vacation ;-)!


virdi said...

obviously happier times ahead... we have convinced the western world so badly that they are racist that they handed the "Big Brother Trophy" to Shilpa Shetty...

Now no UK embassy will reject an Indian for VISA, we will get the world bank to pardon all our loans, India will win every cricket match and hockey match, we will make England lose in football also...

seriously happer times ahead... :-)

Anonymous said...

Well I can't make it though.

As per Virdi u r going to UK.
As per ur meri list u are going for rich silk saree.
When I combine them with highly improbable logistics of the post it may be a wedding with a NRI and ur company is posting u to same place with dollars.
But where's storm.

Is it so?

Avinash said...

happy happier times.. eeyhanjhhaaayyy... :)

Sujit said...

cool.. enjoy :).. 4/x? x - keeps increasing as time keeps ticking?. hhe

Thenraj said...

Ha..good, atleast somebody is getting what they want...good buddy

chitra said...

He he he...kya point Virdi bhai!
p.s BTW, nice pic :-)!

Only one right answer among multiple options!

He he..good to see that you share the same enthu :-)!

Ha ha..thanks!


GuNs said...

Good surprises often bring a lot more joy than something you've earned. Doesnt that go against the popular thought that what you earn is what you cherish the most?

Hmm, the example of a man's happiness on finding a coin lying on the street is so great regardless of whether he is a poor man or filthy rich just goes to show that surprises touch a different part of our brain than other emotions/news.


Vibhanshu Abhishek 3.1 said...

Thanks for dropping by :) And good luck for your wishlist. *Hint* Tell your friends how desperatley you want items on the wishlist, they might gift you some

chitra said...

Yup...surprises, both the pleasant and nasty ones are the most to be remembered rather than slow painstaking success!


Sujit said...


chitra said...

Check out maaDi :-)!