Monday, February 12, 2007

Choice -> Decision

Post the Cauvery verdict, my onsite manager – a Tamizhian – came up to me and asked whether I hated all Tamizhians.

I just stared at him for a few seconds wondering how on the earth a person so senior in position could ask such a question.... and how could I make my answer diplomatic. It was almost like waving a red flag before a bull – too controversial a topic to discuss in a professional environment. In the end, I just stated, totally deadpan, "Any particular reason?"

Geez......... !!!

Maturity, unfortunately, does not come with age!

So what exactly is maturity?

To have perception of what’s wrong and right? And to choose accordingly?

Where does this perception come from?

From our upbringing..... and what we learn from the environment around?

Who’s responsible for our upbringing?

A select group comprising our parents, peers, relatives, elders etc?

Though our Sanskaar is the foundation of our decision-making, the right to choose is completely ours.

The decision is all ours........


Sujit said...

I dont think the maturity comes here!.. its most of shock that takes us aback during such situation. More than its controvertial.. being diplomatic and to be something that we aren't makes the whole messy thing?

k said...

i agree with Sujith. His maturity/immaturity is not reflected in thiis question. How you tackled is certainly matured way but ur judgemental is immature. So, chitra, dear what do i call you ? Anyway, i like you, dear .
It is just the matter of love for his state. You dont call a mother immature if she is blind to her child's fault and protects him/her and to some extent even protray a better image in the marriage market. To some it limits to a family, to some language and to some , motherland!

chitra said...

The knowledge to exercise what to ask when can be termed as maturity right?

He he...explained the same to Sujit. So have a look. Anyhow, am vain enough to accept compliments. So thanks ;-)!

Sujit said...

well it is!.. but your post pointed to you abt your maturity!.. not to what the other person in question as you said in the reply.. :).. isn't so?

chitra said...

Ayyo...nooooo!! Was referring to HIS maturity level...

GuNs said...

IF everyone in our country was so mature, we'd never have had any riots. Thousands of graves all over the country are proof enough of our immaturity. Lets not deny it.


chitra said...

Maturity's there...just that the levels vary.

GuNs said...

Boley toh?

Thenraj said...

Ya u r true, Maturity never comes with age. It happens with the surrounding and how we are brought up by...

Even the mature person can make mistakes by having over confidence on his maturity..i have seen people like that..

chitra said...

Mane....some people do have maturity...but the level would be comparable to that of a child..:-)!

Howdaa?? How?

Ash7 said...

so what was ur reply to ur Onsite boss??????

chitra said...

"Any particular reason to hate Tamizhians?" :-|