Thursday, January 25, 2007

And the Oscar goes to....

Water’, a film by Canadian film-maker Deepa Mehta, has made it to the top five Oscar nominations under the foreign category film.

According to Hindustan times, “For Indian buffs, the Hindi-language film's inclusion would be some consolation after India's official entry, Rang De Basanti, did not make it to the competition”.

Would it?

I remember the headlines made regarding the opposition Mehta had faced while shooting ‘Water’ on the banks of Varanasi, the location in which the story’s made its origin, so much that the shooting had to be completed in Sri Lanka. And thinking “What would be the use of washing one’s dirty linen in public?”

However, the ‘Gods’ pulling the strings in Oscars don’t seem to agree.

‘Water’ has been nominated for Oscars.....

And the much touted, much hyped and the ‘better’ loved Rang De Basanti has been ousted from the race.

For those who cannot understand the analogy of ‘dirty linen’, I guess one word would suffice: The Da Vinci Code.


Danny Denzongpa said...

I don't think Da vinci code is required to understand dirty linen analogy!

(For sometime I thought was it (in)famous phrase - "Behan di taka" in RDB.Well that was bloody north Indian slang which should have been censored.)

Gods pulling strings -why will God do it-just to make WATER flow?

I question the authenticity of oscars .They are only good for Hollywood.

And Bollywood doesn't represent Indian cinema -definitely not.

Sujit said...

thats interesting nominee!..

Avinash said...

High time we Indians stop giving 'bhaav' to Oscars. Hollywood and Bollywood are two different industries and cater to different mindsets and people. To me, RDB got its Oscar when people came out in chains opposing reservation. :).. What say?

chitra said...

Good point!


I agree! RDB was able to influence the masses in a positive way like no other!

prince said...

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