Sunday, January 21, 2007

Go Vroom

The cop – Abishek Bachchan

The joker – Uday Chopra

The wallflower – Bipasha Basu

The glamour quotient – Aishwarya Rai

The hero – Hrithik Roshan

If Dhoom-2 is a hit, it would be only.... and only because of the Hrithik Roshan’s grace, stunts and immense screen persona.



Anonymous said...

That means you are eyeing Hritik Roshan overflowething emotions.
Was the overfloweth embarrassing?

chitra said...

Nope! For a change I was ogling :-)!

Sujit said...

can be!.. but the movie was crzy!..

endevourme said...

wat happened? u seem to have been crying lately...

chitra said...

I never really followed the story!

Crying that Hrithik is already married...sighhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Thenraj said...

True and Very much true...

Ashma said...

I concur

chitra said...

I hope you are referring to the post and not the comments :-)!

He he...join the gang!

Anonymous said...

I think people who are behind Hrithik are weak minded and overfloweth with "ogling emotions".He doesn't have such a screen persona.He only dances superbly.

In bollywood except Aamir nobody has it.

chitra said...

Well... I disagree!

GuNs said...

This film proved what I've been trying to convince people for long - Hrithik is a talented and hardworking actor who deserves to be a superstar whereas Abhishek is a talentless, stupid looking, cant-emote, cant-dance, cant-speak chump whos in the industry only because he is the great Bachhan's offspring.


Thenraj said...


Ya..Very much i am referring to the posts...hehe

chitra said...

Abishek cannot emote?? Watch 'Yuva'!As to the Bachchan offspring, well..that's something he would have to live up to.

He he...confirmation doesn't hurt!

Anonymous said...

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