Sunday, August 13, 2006

Relatively 'right'...

If good listeners make good talkers then I am one exception - for I would rather listen than talk :). However, now and then I do make an exception (and make myself quite unforgettable...still not sure whether in a positive sense).

It was one of those rare times when I was leaving for home early when I bumped into one of old friends, Matu, one of the most gregarious personalities I have met. During our ride back home, we talked about a variety of topics ranging from common acquaintances to very serious topics ...which I had an urge to capture...and which is what I have done...

“I had a long courtship for about five to six years before I tied the knot. When I married, I thought that I knew my husband in and out. Within a few days of living together, I realized that we were totally incompatible. Fights became an every day matter and so did tears...... until I realized that I had to be in a right frame of mind in order to be make myself be heard.

If you enter the realm of marriage thinking that you have a way out, believe me, that’s the worst thing which you can do to yourself......and a relationship as beautiful as marriage.

And since I had never even considered the option, I realized that I had to make it work. Of the two stubborn people thrown into a marriage like ours, if compromising on my part could restore the balance to an relationship on the decline, I thought “Why not?”

And if his love and support could be counted on, if he's rational, he would immediately return the gesture without much ado or fuss.”



Viky said...

When it comes to taking the first step to work out relationships, the best time to take it is NOW.

Waiting indefinitely for the other, with a mental pehle aap, pehle aap is not going to work.

But then again, this will not work one-way. Both have to be willing to work it out, atleast one has to acknowledge the efforts the other is making, else the efforts are going nowhere.

Shruthi said...

I second Viky.

Your friend is very smart. :) I once read something like this - A lady said, "I don't mind giving up something small, when in return, I will get something much much greater", in the context of a relationship.

All the best to your friend!

Viky said...

"He is no fool, who will happily give up something he can not keep, to gain something he can not lose."

chitra said...

Howdu... :)!

Yup....chappaLe eraDu kai inda hoDidare maatra saadhyaa alve ;)?

Jay said...

"totally incompatible."

Really? :O