Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I...live to eat :)

I had an absolutely lousy day at work (save for a very interesting mail conversation) on Monday. So, I was desperate to find some means of bringing a bit of cheer into my desolate existence.

And what better means to achieve the same via food :)…though unwittingly?

Tuesday morning started with the most mouth-watering uppit ......courtesy SMV. I seriously think that it was because she was in a good mood....but then my thought processing finds some dead ends on an empty stomach.

C came in sometime in the morning and we set off towards N’s house as planned nearly two weeks ago. I guess marriage’s a very good reason to disappear off the face of the earth and N’s no exception to this rule. Therefore it was left to ‘sleuths’ like us (read as concerned ....and dedicated friends) to investigate this matter.

N’s mother plied us with tea and hot dosas and I (quite shamelessly, I believe) cleaned the plate of three such scrumptious, crisp specimens.

And when I dropped C back home, it was the turn of her Mom to offer some spicy pulao....and as usual (read as being the petu I was), I could not say no. As I downed the last morsel of pulao, I received summons for home with the promise of hot (and yummy)bisi beLe bath waiting for me!

All I could think of was - Dene waala jab bhi deta....:-)......


Jyothika said...

yabba-uppit,dose,pulao,mathe b^3....:~O..
inyen beku?????
and nanna naalige out of order aagbittide-soRdu,soRdu!

chitra said...

Tee hee...I forgot to mention vaangibath :)!

Shruthi said...

Girl, you made me hungry right in the morning!! Oh mannn what a feast!!! The only thing missing seems to be your favourite Baleyele Oota :D

chitra said...

Tee hee...that was the general idea :)!

Viky said...

Unless you have been starving for three days, pray tell me, how can uppit be mouth-watering??

chitra said...

It is Viky....just imagine...phullu dripping with oil and having vegetables like capsicum.... aaaahhhh..... and of course, hot :)!

Viky said...

Yeah, you're right. You live to eat only....*shakes head as in hopeless case*

chitra said...

That's the end point machaa :)! Survival.... :) :)