Friday, April 07, 2006

Sheesha ho ya dil ho

“WHAT? What did you say?” I almost shouted into the phone even though I had heard it the first time.

“Sigh...a song...I asked you to sing a song. What’s so unusual about it?” asked Bhopu.

“What do you think I am? Radio City? Eh?” it came out slightly more sarcastic than I intended.

“No. I do not think that you are Radio City.” said Bhopu placatingly. “But I do think that you are my friend. Can’t you even sing a song for a friend in distress? Is it too much for you?”

It was only then noticed the subdued tone which was so unlike Bhopu. A bit more prodding with the ‘right’ kind of questions and the whole story was out. Misunderstandings galore....I almost laughed out aloud at the absurdity of it but I knew that Bhopu would take offence.

Besides, who was I to take a stand in such issues?

And what do I know about love?

P.S: It took almost a week to convince Bhopu to let me put this up in my blog. His reason – “Humph...You do not have to let the whole world know about my problem.” Well...I haven’t, have I? :) And in case you are misled by the title and have jumped into conclusions, all I can say is lage rahon.... :)


Khushi said...

every dog has its day lady... :-? maja madu... :D
btw, title yakadu???

Sarathy said...

addaddaddaaaa paavi... uLLe vaLeekkidu... for a moment,... Oh, my god... there are a lot of key moments other than mine's. I wonder why you have kept the key in open on the heart... Thinking, thinking..... I'll stop for a moment.

chitra said...

Tee heee (evil grin)... :) :)!


Jay said...

I guess he was extremly distressed .....else he choosing to listen to U sing?! :p

aa said...

So finally did you sing? :)

Anonymous said...

And which song did you sing? :)

Art said...

hey gr8 picture.. mind if i copy it :)
so haadu hellidya?? Yenu haadide...

Anonymous said...

so-called-doDDa: So u broke the implicit confidentiality agreement hna?.. hengasrige harakubaayi ondu shaapa ante.. :D..

Phoenix said...

lolz..poor bhopu

i miss me too...

sing a song for me

Anonymous said...

so-called-doDDa: sorry to diverge from the topic. But Karaga festival bagge ondu article odide. adanna share maaDoNAnta.

haLaedu. But old is gold.. just like doDDa.. ;)

ritzkini said...

tooth hi jaata hai,yaar..tooth hi jaata hai..
some truths..not worth debating on..

Anurama said...

//“What do you think I am? Radio City? Eh?”

ha ha.. too good.

btw, how was poor bhopu after listening to ur song.. (tee heee...)

chitra said...

Hoon...haaDide...sakkath senti song haaDide. Mathe haaDlikke kelbaardu antha. Sheesh...reverse effect aayithu. He acutally liked it ... :D :) !!

Ahem...classified information cannot be divulged :)!

-/Art issues. Copy maaDko.

Oye...haangenilla. Avana permission ide.. :)! Mathe link kaLisiddakke thanks :)!

-/Phoenix me up :)!

Yaake machaa...full dovaa?? Yen vishaya? Eh?

Tee hee...okay. But I am not the person who has to get him out of that depression :) (wink-wink) :)!

chitra said...

My sentiments yugjactly :) !

Anonymous said...

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