Monday, April 10, 2006

All good things come to an end(?)

Around 6:30 a.m : Waking up to find that the weather is gloriously cloudy. So, meander my way to the beach in the backyard. Fun and frolic (and a peace) guaranteed.

Till 7:30 a.m :
Whiled away in drinking tea, morning chores (like bath) and ya...most importantly waking up fully. Just realized that it’s been a long time since I leisurely read the newspaper with my morning tea. Sigh……

8:00 a.m : Breakfast comprising anything from hot dosas to fluffy idlis to plain kanji.

10:30 a.m : Kanji again...(and ya... I was hungry enough).

Till 1:00 p.m : lotz of chatting, a bit of cooking, a bit of tree-climbing (er….have to mention that it had to do with plucking mangoes).

Around 1:30 p.m : Lunch – have to make a mention of banana platter (ssllllluuurrrppp) :)

2 – 4 p.m : ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.........

4:30 p.m : Still slightly zzzzzz mood. But then again, there’s my elixir of life to wake up. Unfortunately, my last cup.

5:00 p.m : BaaLekaayi bajji, churmuri, biscuits, patroDe, taste-buds went for an overdrive...:)

Till 7:00 p.m : Playing basketball and badminton with my cousins plus walking to some nearby scenic spots.

8:00 p.m : Dinnnnnnnnneeeerrrrrrrr (another banana platter affair) :)

Till 10:00 p.m : Caught up with a bit of reading....and thinking....

And then.....over and out! Even thunder and lightening could not make me stir an inch :)!

The above forms a rough itinerary of what I have been doing for the past three days. In spite of hogging (like a pig), I am surprised to see that I have lost weight! Hmmmm...perhaps what Aki says is right - I reallllyyyy think a lot :)! And yup, went ballistic with my camera!!

And today, I have to go back....back to the life which I had manged to push at the back of my mind during these blissful days. The feeling is akin to the blues I have on Sunday evenings where I dread going back to work on Monday morning.

Sigh.....back to the grind….back to reality.


Khushi said...
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Khushi said...

//Beach??? mangoes???? patroDe???


Yes dear, reality strikes back, Welcome home... :D

Jay said...

Reality ..... creeps in and how!!

Shruthi said...

Where on earth did you go to in the weekend? Paradise? :o

Anurama said...

//BaaLekaayi bajji, churmuri, biscuits, patroDe, kaDabu..

Oh God... How much I miss ur Patrode and the wonderful BaaLekaayi Dosa... :'(

Rk said...

Mangaluru ?

Art said...

Hey sakat.. baayalli neeru barta ide... Special tinbekaadru naave maadkondu tinnabeku... Somethings are more fun, when someone makes it for u... Tastes better when preeti inda yaaradru adige maadi kotre :)

Anonymous said...

so-called-doDDa: BaaLekaayi bajji, churmuri, patroDe, kaDabu.. hmmm... and what about mango trees... beach... mooDe.. gunDa.. giNNu... kochhakki ganji.. NH17... munDakki upkari (well churmuri.. but the feel is better.. ;)..) tuppada dose... goLi baje.. buns... sweat and the cool feeling when u r sweating and face a breeze.. roaring sound of beach in the evening which you can listen from couple of miles.. the kudrus.. list goes endless.. private buses.. their speed... ideal.. pabbas.. let me stop. :)..

well all things come to an end.. good and bad.. Be happy that it happened.. yaenanteeri?

angada said...

hey, idu patroDe andre yenu and baaLekayi dose henge maDodu?

chitra said...


Another sighhhhhhhh.....

Tee hee....Mangalore - my version of paradise.

Fikar not. You will be getting some soon :) :)!

Yuppu !

Howdu. Illige vapas bandaaga manege baa...maaDikoDtheene :)!

WOW...I am really beginning to like you doDDa :)!
Neevu Mangaloorinavara??

PatroDe and baaLekaayi dose = nammooru specialaties. Bombat taste kaNo. Bengaloorige bandaage maaDikodtheene.

Anonymous said...

so-called-doDDa: :)

lakshana said...

hmm loosing weight inspite of all those scrumptous meals... man ur lucky!!!

chitra said...

-/Anon :) :)!!

Oye...nazar mat lagaana :) !

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