Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Fond memories - I

Initially, I had thought that I would write a monologue about my Mangalooru (does the name rhyme with something else? :)...) trip. But then, I got bored with the very idea. So, here I am, touching about some of the highlights of my jhatpat trip starting from the most recent.

And this particular incident brings a smile to my face whenever I recall it.

It was the last day of my stay in Mangalooru. As I was packing for my return journey, my neighbour’s four year old grandson, Adi, sauntered in. I do not know the exact reason but we bonded from the beginning. Perhaps the fact that I helped him paint a bright yellow rose on the wall of his room helped. He is a cheerful fellow, very bright and intelligent for his age. But that day, he had a very petulant look on his face.

I greeted him with a cheery “Hi Adi” and a big hug.

He wriggled out of my hug and asked me in a very serious tone, “Are you getting married?”

I was flabbergasted to hear this question from one so young. True, there were quite some discussions about this subject but I never imagined that this would be made 'public'. I did not know whom to take to task – him, for eavesdropping, or his elders for such a blatant discussion. Well… might not be his fault after all.

He was still waiting for my answer with huge sad eyes.

I answered carefully, “Ya….maybe. Why?”

“If you marry, you will go and live with someone right? You will never come here, right?” were his list of doubts.

Oho….so that was what was bothering this little tyke. Stifling a laugh, I tried to pacify him, “Ummm……illa maraaya. It’s not like that. Whatever happens, I will come and visit you. Sari naa?”

He cheered up considerably but persisted, “Can’t you wait for some time till I grow up? Then you can marry me and become my beesssssssssttttt friend.”

On hearing this, I exploded into a belly-laugh, the likes of which I had not experienced for quite some time, until tears streamed down my eyes. Here's my man...if only he were slightly older ... :) !

Kudos to the innocent, uncomplicated and unconditional love of children.


Anonymous said...

so-called-doDDa: sadya... obbanaadroo ready idaanalla ninnanna madve aaglikke.. :)...

chitra said...

Humph...mera number (kab) aayega?? :)

Rk said...

He he...when I was in LKG, I had told my neighbour (who must have been around 18) that I would marry her no matter what. In a beautiful Krishna-Radha photo that was hung in her room, I would point to that and identify us both :D

Next there was another relative (again 15 years elder) whom I had given word that I would marry her and my chain I had said would be hers after that. Her mother even today points to my chain in front of her daughter, her grand children and her son-in-law and recalls that claim. It is damn embarassing, let me tell you! [Btw, her cute twin daughters have proposed my cousin - my cousin is 12 and they are 7].
There are few others...but let me stop here :D

Anonymous said...

so-called-doDDa: ayega bachhi ayega.. :).. Kids sometimes teach you somethings, which the elders can't.

Anonymous said...


Jay said...


chitra said...

Hyuck hyuck..I am not able to stop laughing :)!


Yes...I agree.

Yuppu.. :)!

ritzkini said...

pooor adi..he doesnt know what he's getting into ! thank god,he's 4 !

ritzkini said...


Shub said...

Congts on finding Mr.Right!!!

chitra said...

Duh...are you insulting me? Eh?.. :)!

Hyuck last .. :)!

Khushi said...

choo chweet :D

chitra said...

Howdu alvaa? :)

Shruthi said...

Ayyooo chooo chweet :D

Hey Chitra I mailed you at the id that appears when you comment on my blog, and that comment comes to my inbox. Rediffmail id. I resent it too, a couple of days back. Tell you what, I will try mailing you from some other id.

chitra said...

Howdaa? Mathe maaDthyaa please? It's FYI :)!

Shruthi said...

Yup adakke kaLsiddu! :( - gmail inda kaLsidde... Ok innyavudadru id inda kaListhini...

chitra said...

Yuppu...kaLisu kaLisu...kaatharadinda kaaytha iddeene :)!