Thursday, April 06, 2006

Once upon a time...

I was subjected to the usual quota of traffic jams while returning home the previous evening. VD was, as usual, was stuck with me beside her. What made the situation worse was the fact ki pet mein jor se choohein (rather haathi) daud rahe the. Groowwwlll...... until it became difficult to differentiate whether the source of that noise was ensuing from my stomach or the bus engine (er.....perhaps I am exaggerating a bit here :D).

I longingly thought of all those things which would be waiting for me at home – and I am referring to food here. With an effort, I yanked my thoughts away from the first part of roti, kapda aur makaan. So.......what else?

VD announced grandly that she was going to puke. No surprises here because she was almost six months pregnant.

I made a mock-horror face and declared, “ cannot do this to me, VD.”

Fishing for a plastic cover in her bag, VD dryly replied “Do you have any alternatives?”

I took it quite seriously and pondered for a moment before coming up with, “Say VD, would you like to hear a story?”

VD stared at me as if I had gone crazy. Adults do not tell/hear stories or what?

And hence, the story-telling session started. From kings and queens to tigers and woodpeckers, from tales of valour to tales of treachery, from Vikram to Betaal. By the time I reached my stop, I had regaled her with almost four stories.

And she did not use the plastic cover at all.

And I had managed to put aside my hunger for some time – an yuxtremely strenuous task indeed
:) !


Khushi said...

Traffic jam, puking sensation and your story(er....) to top it all??
papa her...

PS: I told you in ur last post ;-)

chitra said...

Oye..naanu yesTu chennagi kathe heLtheene antha nenne ne gottayithu :)! And yup...congrats for being ...the first :)!

Anonymous said...

kathe car car car antha haadu helidre chennagirthithu....she wud ve slept peacefully;-)

Anonymous said...

so-called-doDDa: naanu haeLikoTTa kathegaLu illadroo helpaaythalla. neenu nange thanks haeLbaeku. At least so-called-doDDa treat koDsbaeku.. :)

I think u take more time to explain ur moments than to live them... :).

chitra said...

Hyuck hyuck....:)

Well....only if I live then can I explain them :)!

Anurama said...

this is bad chitra... you never told me any stories to stop me from puking... boo hoo...

chitra said...

tee hee...I didn't, did I?? :)