Saturday, March 18, 2006

Koopa Mandooka

Habits makes way for practices – found a perfect example to demonstrate this :) !

For the past few weeks, I have been following the ‘practice’ of this fellow in the picture. He makes his grand appearance some time in the late evening and goes off for his evening stroll (I presume, not too sure about that though). Come morning, I find him ‘cooling his heels’ in none other than our tabby’s water-saucer! A few minutes after his ‘bath’ and he is off to his hidey-hole – a damp place behind a clump of flower-pots.

This morning had our tabby curiously following the frog’s progress to its ‘water-hole’. It prodded the frog with its paws, perhaps saying “Grrrrr…..get lost ! You are contaminating the water I drink.” I feared that the frog would end up as our tabby’s breakfast. But to my relief, no such untoward thing occurred. Froggy dear ignored the probable threat to its life and continued water-bathing. Finally tabby gave up (perhaps, frogs did not appeal to her appetite) and embarked on her morning practice – wailing as if we have not fed her for days!

So…. practice makes frog perfect? I hope so… :)!


Vikram said...

You might want to kiss him. You never know, a charming price might appear in the next scene. Hehehehe

Anonymous said...

hehehe-both for the comment and the post!
mebbe that's the reaon mr.froggie has been visiting ur place???;O)

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Cool post.
i agree with Vikram...did u kiss that froggie????
Go ahead and kiss him....and in nxt post tell us about the experience.

chitra said...

From when did men start getting such weird ideas?? :) :)

Bekku ne reject maaDida kappe nannanna accept maaDatha?? Tough choice :) !

Tee hee thanks ! But no, I am better off with the male specimens of homo sapiens. Not really intersted in amphibians :) !

Anonymous said...

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