Sunday, March 19, 2006

Reality bites

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.

-William Shakespeare

During our first year of Pre-University, we were taught Zoology by an exceptional lecturer – a certain Mr. P. Sadly, he had to leave right in the middle of our second year to pursue further studies. I remember his parting words to our batch which included a few words of praise, caution and wisdom……and which mentioned yours truly. I had a very expressive personality which declared the tempo of his lecture to be very boring or very interesting - one look at my face and he would know how ‘good’ his lecture was.

Yesterday, I proved Mr. P wrong.

Yesterday, I talked, laughed, flirted, joked, teased, questioned setting the stage for conversation as if nothing significant had happened…..or nothing significant would happen.

Yesterday, I felt slightly proud of myself......
......except for one ‘small’ side-effect akin to a tightly corked bottle.

Have to let go of something which was never mine....because the show must go on........


aa said...

chitra... remember Mr. Prasad. I should thank you for reminding me of those beautiful days of MES college! You have an amazing memory! I was surprised to know that you still remember his words!

Cool... so you felt proud of yourself .... haaan? :)

chitra said...

Yup...but for all wrong reasons :( !

Phoenix said...

letting go is always easier than it appears before you do it, more peaceful than you think after you do it, and needs more strength than you can imagine whil you do it.

Jay said...

Yeah ... the show must go on. Does it call for some celebration?

chitra said...

Sigh...ya...realising it the hard way!

Speak for yourself! Ninna treat innoo baaki ide :) !

ritzkini said...

Mr.P = Mr.Purushottam !!??!!
Rite ?? MES college thaney ??
No ??
YES ?!!WOW !! I am getting better at this !
:) prof too..

chitra said...

Nope..not Puru :) !! Tcha losing your touch machaa :):)!!

Khushi said...

//Have to let go of something which was never mine....because the show must go on

hmm, sad but true!!!

chitra said...

:( :( !!

Anonymous said...

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