Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Honesty or hypocrisy?

A character I can relate to in the pages of history is Muhammad Bin Tughlak. Why? The next five minutes or so (directly proportional to the speed of your reading) will give you a fair idea:

  1. I love the smell of coffee but do not like coffee. Instead, I prefer tea – my elixir of life.
  2. I find French Plait cool but find it impossible to style my hair because of its length (one of the rare times I regret having long hair).
  3. I love the honesty that comes with being frank. At the same time, subtleties too occupy a fair share of my adulation – well being sarcastic requires some amount of subtlety :)!
  4. I am independent while at the same time I yearn to be comforted like a child.
  5. I am not a romantic yet I blush when I am gifted a single red rose. (yes..... I do blush from time to time)
  6. I hog like a pig. Yet I do not put on weight (touchwood), much to Aki’s disgust who always exclaims, “Where does it all go?”
  7. I love the variety of colours in nail-polish but only on others’ nails.
  8. I like the jingling sound of ankles and bangles. But I do not prefer wearing them myself.
  9. I appreciate fashion but I am not willing to be a guinea pig for any experimentation.
  10. I never cry during movies but I bawl my heart out while saying extended good-byes (Bhopu will never let me come to the airport with him after Sunday’s fiasco. Have to warn Aki about this :)...).
  11. I love humour but not when it’s directed at my emotions.
  12. I am a good listener but when it comes to speaking up for myself, gung-ho is the word.
  13. Discount sales fail to incite any interest. But I get all excited like a child if it rains.
  14. I love blogging but give me a topic to write about and my mind goes blank (tagging, unfortunately, comes under this particular category).
  15. I can be yuxtremely sarcastic. But then, I can be yuxtremely apologetic about it as well but only to my loved ones.
  16. I can be stubborn, opinionated, haughty, irritating, critical, and all the more. But I can be very accepting as well.
  17. I respect the concept of marriage but am afraid of commitment thanks to insecurities galore – not sure many can accept me the way I am.

For all those non-history buffs, Muhammad Bin Tughlak was one of the kings during the Mughal era. He shifted his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad and again from Daulatabad to Delhi in a space of two years resulting in a huge loss of life, property and time. His subjects were put through a lot of hardships because of his eccentricities and very strange ones at that.

And it was exactly for this reason that he was known as the ‘Mixture of Opposites’ :).


Khushi said...

'who can fathom the feminine mind'

chitra said...

Tee hee :) !!

Jay said...

When is the 'Mistress of Spices' releasing? ;-)

chitra said...

'Mistress of Spices' eh?? LOL :) !

Anonymous said...

so-called-doDDa: mugdoooythu... hmmm.. ee thara guNagaana maaDkonDre ninge huDga sikkdange. idella madve aago tanka haeLkobaardey... ;)...

yaarvnu?... ninge red rose koTTavnu? hna?..

virdi said...

I love blogging but give me a topic to write about and my mind goes blank (tagging, unfortunately, comes under this particular category).

one song for you...

o chitra.... mujhe rab ki kasam.... tujhe tag karta rahoonga janam janam...

Khi Khi Khi Khi


chitra said...

Tee hee...manege bandaaga heLtheene doDDa :) !!

Nahiiiiiinnnnnnnnn !! Maine tumhaara kya bigaada tha :) :)

Shruthi said...

Cooool post :) Could relate to a lot of it myself... I am also like that :) - For example, I love the gold and diamond jewellery on display, but I HATE to wear them! :) I loveeee jasmine, but HATE to wear them on my hair, etc etc :))

To so-called-dodda :) --- Ee guNagaana keLi kooDa ChitraLanna maduve maaDkoLakke munde baruva huDuganige avaLa mele nijavaada preethi irabeku :) So this blog is a great filter :D
[Aside to Chitra - don't worry maadkobedi, Khushi's comment says it all, and even guys know that :)]

insomnya said...

Hi Chitra,

You dont need to go so much back into history to relate to your personality. Nearly 1/12th of the people in the world are like you. They are called Geminians :-)

BTW, good blogs! I gatecrashed into the party having been recommended by a dear friend of yours


chitra said...

Tee hee...yuxtremely glad to hear that Shruthi :)! And regarding that 'don't worry..'thing, two negatives make one positive - does that mean I have to worry? :) :)
Tee hee tee hee just joking. Meaning arthaa aayithu :) :)!

Hey thanks ANN! Er...however I am a Sagi. So I am solemnly standing upto Khushi's comment - perhaps all women are like this :) :)!

ANN said...

Hadn't seen Khushi's comments. Couldnt agree more with Khushi!

You have more company than I thought Sagi!

Anonymous said...


To Shruthi - kaLLa devrigondu suLLu saakshi.. :/ ganDu huDkodoondre oLLe tarkari vyApAra iddangide.. ;). Chittigondu swayamvara iDbodeno.

chitra said...

Main akeli nahi hoon...:).

Tee hee...what doDDa...neevu saha? Paapa Shruthi nanna nimma 'yudha'dalli involve maaDabeDi.. :) :)!!

Shruthi said...

Tch tch.. Chitra.. don't make fun of such an established Kannada comforter "Don't worry maadkobedi"... tch tch *shaking head* ;)
so-called-doDDa -- ohhoooo! base allegations! *shakes head again*

chitra said...

Tee hee...good one :) !!