Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Agony of addiction(s)

Yippppppeeeeee !! Finally purchased the batteries and got to use my DigiCam. Mr and Mrs. Suresh – thanks a ton for everything !!

Auuuunnndddddd one of the first few snaps which I took was this:

A cup of steaming hot tea – my elixir of life!!

One of the few addictions which I have in life is – TEA with a capital T. And it all started with an aversion towards the so called ‘health-drinks’. Mom tried to entice me into Maltova, Horlicks, Bournvita and all such stuff while I stood my ground and refused to drink a drop of it. I finally relented and was digesting Boost for a couple of years, until one day disaster struck in the form of a relative who hated the smell of Boost. So, I had to drink tea whenever I was with her, and thus began our love-story :)!

Until a year ago, I was a hard-core tea addict, drinking almost seven to nine cups of tea everyday. The world around me seemed rosy until one fine day, I had to go about an entire day without tea. As the day wore on, I felt something amiss. Soon, I developed a nagging headache, felt irritated at the slightest bait and got tired easily. In short, my enthu went for a full-fledged sixer (.....or is it a duck?).

It was then I decided that I would not allow an addiction, however small, to play around with my life. True, this was not a major addiction like cigarettes or drugs.But still, it did require most of my self-control to say ‘No’ to tea. Finally, after months of irritation, moodiness and of course, headache (the brunt of which had to be borne by all my near-and-dear ones), I managed to cut down the intake of tea to two cups a day.

As my Mom sayz, it’s tough to take difficult decisions. That done, you can consider half the work done. The other half….. well….. it just involves abiding by that decision.


Anil The Great said...

Oh nothing better than going to a tea stall, sitting there, and sipping a cup of tea and sicussing fundas of life.

Tea time is a very important time in anybody's life, some major decision are taken during that time, as your mind is relaxed. In college, it was best saviour from the boring leture. In Office, its the best way to get a break from work. And in home, its a wonderful way to have a get together.

I drink tea not out of addiction but love to drink it.

I somehow find drinking tea very mystic, it has a lot of aura attached with it, which I could never justify with any other drinks.


Anonymous said...

a long drive from Jayangar to ITPL in the fog filled roads and then tired and stumble into ur site which shows the tea glasss, hmmmm...
refreshing indeed , kooool...but thats the luxury right now for me till 4 pm .
lovely blog ...kee p it up
me ...umesh_ban_2000@yahoo.com

Khushi said...

nice to know that we both share the same passion :D

even i'm a firm believer of,
'Drinking is human,
but Drinking Tea is DIVINE' :D

PS: Mine is still 8-9 cups a day :P

chitra said...

Haan.... tea ke saath gappe :) !!

Hey...thanks !!

WOW....chalo ek tho bandi mili who agrees with me :)! Me yuxtremely happy :) :)!!

ritzkini said...

ooooh ! love the tea served in the steel cups !! means it's fresh ! with that li'l bit of cream settling down on top...
unlike the mess they serve in styrofoam cups...tea bag variety...

chitra said...

Ya... I echo your sentiments :). Somehow plastic and tea don't taste well :) :).

!xobile said...

tea to buri cheez hai
but seeing ur love ofr it i think i should not have said that...

but i remember something now,

try to figure out what means.

chitra said...

Arrey ZE....tum bhi na !!

American Pi said...

if virdi sees your hand, he will go nuts.

chitra said...

-/Amreekan Pie
Aisa hain kya? Dekte hain :) !!

Anurama said...

hm.. u r reminding of the good old days.. haaa.. tea we get at Kamat.. :(

chitra said...

Yup.... sakkath tea alva??

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »

Anonymous said...

Kya time pass hai boss!!!

Chitra said...

Thanks to both!