Friday, March 24, 2006

One big joke....

Thanks to my sprained ankle I had quite some of friends calling up to enquire about it. Thanks a ton guys! Now I know what to do if I need some attention :)! Jokes apart, it felt really good be fussed over (for a change).

One such all was from Bhophu.....and all the way from U.K ! He had called to enquire about my ankle (so sweet). And here I was thinking that he was only interested in my cooking
:) !

Between spurts of giggling I described in great detail my near-brush with the truck and the Buddha-eshtyle landing, when he interrupted (quite rudely I believe), “How can you laugh over this matter? What if something more serious had transpired?”

“Well..... I could have broken an arm or leg. Worse I could have been killed. Just imagine the number of people who would be relieved
” I answered (again) with a laugh.

I could have bitten off my tongue before I said these words. As soon as I uttered them, I regretted it. It was wrong.......wrong of me to have said that. But words, like curses, could not be withdrawn once uttered.

An agonizing silence of twenty seconds (combined with my futile attempts to grope for a suitable subject to talk about) later, Bhopu delivered his verdict, “I think it’s time you need a break. For God’s sake, why are you so harsh on yourself?”

Smiling a wry smile (thank God that it could not be seen), I half-mockingly answered, “Between life and me, I think I am a better joke. That’s why.”

What followed was a long discussion the details of which are too big to fit into this post.

However........the point is........

My sense of humour never fails to live up to its expectations.

And it’s a statement.

In this so far traversed road of life, some smooth, some full of pitfalls, I have managed to laugh over most of my bumpy rides.

And laugh really hard.

Crazy right?

But no......because I feel that laughter is the best medicine. Once I laugh over it, I consider myself cured.


Anurama said...

At times I feel better if I cry for a specific incident atleast for a minute. I had always got a chance to laugh about 'why I cried' later... n ofcourse, 'Once I laugh over it, I consider myself cured'

Jay said...

Thats an interesting attitude !

Anonymous said...

Hey Chits,
u started off ur week without knowing to break or brake...despite the fact that ur blogs had breaking news in them from arresting a women to muhammed bi tuglaq......
have a rockin weekend n come up with such breakin news with UGADI weekahead;-)

Khushi said...

hmm :-|

American Pi said...

I love your sarcasm!

Anonymous said...

so-called-doDDa: neen haeLiddu correctaage ithhu.. nange yeshTu relieve aagta itthhu?.. hmm.. baa menege.. porkeli pooje maaDteeni ninge. ;)

Laughing at oneself, once in a while is fine. But when u laugh at urself, make sure others also laugh with you.. :).

chitra said...

Yup :)!

Indian or Amreekan sense, eh?? :)

Hmmm... ?? Yes...??

-/Amreekan Pi
What else can I say but thanks? :):)

Ummmm.....ade problem doDDa - what I consider a joke others don't :) !!

chitra said...

Hey..thanks !!

ritzkini said...

Hange aaga beku,
hallu muribeku,
neen aLabeku,
naan nagabeku
Sorry..just something i remembered from a long time ago!

Thanks sponchi,you made my day !
Somethings you dont even know,you remember !

Vikram said...

//“Between life and me, I think I am a better joke. That’s why.”//

Nice, nice... :)

Will make a good signature... haha..:P

Anonymous said...

Hey Chits,
Nice 2 see ur reply
its been quite sometime im following ur blogs....
but "Honesty or hypocrisy?" made me comment finally as 14 out of 17 thoughts of urs had a tick mark in my checlist;-)
this is what u call THE Tughlak Way!!!

chitra said...

Bombat haaDu alva?? :) :) Er...did not understand the last statement about rembering ...:)

Arrey...howdalvaa?? :) Did not strike me at all... :)

Tee hee...thanks (once again)!! See...I am not alone after all...:)

Anonymous said...

nice to see u laugh...coz that makes u cured once for all;-)

chitra said...

Well...I have to get to a particular point to laugh. And that sometimes takes time.....

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmm.....i am sure this was a PRAchis reply!!
next post yaavaga???

chitra said...

Soon....wait and watch maaDi.. :)!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work »