Friday, February 17, 2006

(Who) Am I?

Came across an interesting link here.

Interesting - because most of the points listed under the various signs have been verified true by almost all people to whom I had sent this link (well.... the rest were a
wee bit lazy to reply).

So authentication and verification passed, it’s made its grand appearance on my blog (loud claps, whistles and cat-calls please..) !

Thank you....thank you....:) !


Khushi said...

It seems right, atleast for an Aquarian ;-)

chitra said...

One list keepeth growing (Shakespeare style) :) :) !!

ritzkini said...

why are girls so interested in the sun signs !and all of them seem to have a copy of Linda goodman's epic !!!
Cannot understand...but then i am not female..guess,it's one more female psych thing..

!xobile said...

yaar... yeh log bahut bond hote hain...
jo sunsign pade uski praise kar dete hain
and ppl become happy and say "wow! this is great"

they list common human traits... and ppl say
"wow! its matches so well"

sunsign ka koi purpose..
i mean... there's even twins who think worlds apart.. haina?

chitra said...

Why are guys so interested in cricket? Cannot understand ...but then I am not male..guess, it's one more male psych thing... :) :)

Sun-signs ka matlab hain na..isko samajhne ke liye dimaag ki zaroorat padti ki chaapat ki :) :) :) :).

Shruthi said...

I don't believe in zodiac signs - but I grudgingly, very grudgingly accept, that it seems to be jusssssst write for me! :)(Capricorn)

chitra said...

Ha ha ha. Thanks for the confession, Shruthi :) !!

Anonymous said...

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