Sunday, February 19, 2006

Weekend 'bonanza'

My week started with a bang. A yuxtremely gratifying week I should say, one which I will look back with the fondest of memories.

Sunday aka 12-02-06

Gathered courage and attempted something which I had never done before.

Monday aka 13-02-06

Survived Sunday’s scare !! If I can survive one day, I can definitely do better during the rest (yeah.....optimistically yours, yours truly) !

Tuesday aka 14-02-06

Almost made a fool of myself for the second consecutive time. And ya, did I forget to mention Valentine’s day? However faltu the cause, it was a treat to watch the city draped in red.

Wednesday aka 15-02-06

Managed to convince a thick-skinned (and thick-skulled) person that this piece of code won’t work. Phew !! Had a long (and much-needed) conversation with one of my ex-colleagues from Hyde. Left me wondering as to how come all the good/decent guys are committed :) !!

Thursday aka 16-02-06

THE BEST DAY ! Came to know that a statement of mine instilled some courage in JV to put his best foot forward and (wonder of wonders) succeed !! Chalo....kuch to saarthak hua is jeevan ka! Now looking forward to the (yummy) treat promised. Just thinking of it makes me go all ssssssllllllluuuuuuuurrrrrrrrp !!

Friday aka 17-06-02

Managed to finish my work by noon and spent the rest of the afternoon listening to the song Khalbali from RDB. And ya, lots of compliments coming my way due to my new dress. Must be the effect of weekend-fever :) !!

But all good things come to an end......

Which is why ..... my computer at home choose this particular weekend to get conked out !


Phoenix said...

every end is a beginning, of something new.

Grandebelf said...

Who says all nice guys are committed?!:) all th nice women are!

chitra said...

Agree with you Phoenix. Totally....if one's optimistic....

Ha ha ha ha .... what sauce for the goose is the sauce for the gander ?? :) :)

Khushi said...

//Gathered courage and attempted something which I had never done before.

like ;-)

Jay said...

"some courage"

Er .. is that modesty? ;-). Interesting!!

"kuch to saarthak hua is jeevan ka!"

Aren't you being too harsh with yourself?!

chitra said...

1. Cook
2. Sleep
3. ..... and the choice list goes on... :)

-/Jay's not everyone who can claim that they made a differnce to someone right? So.... :)...

Grandebelf said...

Your post reminds me of the calvin cartoon where he says (1989) that in the future technology will control human beings! I am not able to find a link. if i do, will post it here!

chitra said...

Ha ha ha .... not that I am comp-dependent. But ya...missed MS-word a lot :) !

ritzkini said...

week thumba chennagithu...comp crashed on the weekend ??!! that spoilt it all..

chitra said...

Howdu macha.....phull pheelingu .. :)!

Grandebelf said...

The calvin strip.

ch911123: I just read this great science fiction story. It's about how machines take control of humans and turn them into zombie slaves! So instead of us controlling machines, they control us? Pretty scary idea. I'll say, hey! What time is it?? My TV show is on!

chitra said...

Do you have the link to this C&H strip? I would love to see it :)!

Grandebelf said...

Might be in the Home comp(dependence on technology!), will post it in the evening if possible. what do i get in return;)

chitra said...

Hmmmmmm.....a virtual ice-cream :) !!

Grandebelf said...

Ya! just ensure its low-cal;)

chitra said...

Ha ha sure :) !!

Arz000n said...

my computer at home choose this particular weekend to get conked out !
when the week is goodie goodie...home pc always goes dead on weekend...its one of the Murphy's rule too

If not Murphy's...and just make it Z000nie's rule ;)

Grandebelf said...

Have uploaded the strip in my blog!

chitra said...

Ha ha ha ... corollary of Murphy's law??

Loved it :)!! And it's so true, right? :) :)

Grandebelf said...

I was hoping you would revise you offer after seeing the strip:)

chitra said...

Ha ha ha ... I cannot think of anything more delicious than an ice-cream as a treat. So... my offer stays put :) !!

Grandebelf said...

Atleast change it from a virtual one to a real one;)

chitra said...

Sure....remember me when you eat one :) !!

Grandebelf said...

how boring!

Anonymous said...

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