Monday, February 20, 2006

Disaster....err...not quite...

I spent the Saturday shopping with two of the most disorganized people I know – my Mom and my aunt. This is one of those things which make me wonder “How on the earth did I get involved in this?” And in this case, the bait used was pretty simple – the mere idea of Mom lugging all those heavy parcels made me an unwilling participant.

In a word – it was disaster with capital D !!

They dragged me off to this big sale near home (thank God for the ‘near’ part). My role was pretty simple – that of an unofficial luggage carrier and dispute-settler between these two ladies.

One look at the merchandise and my jaw dropped open – heaps and heaps of clothes ranging from T-shirt to underwear. And most of them in garish colours. Yikes !! So were we (notice that plural) supposed to dig into this junk? I was strongly reminded of our City Market - order in chaos!

In response to my accusing look Mom pacified me by saying that “Men, unlike women, do not know how to shop for themselves, Putta. They do not know what’s good for them. So they depend on others, and in this case, women to choose for them.” I blinked in response – such gyaan coming from Mom in the middle of (of all places) a crowded shop is .....well.... quite astonishing to say the least. The endearment plus explanation did the trick and soon, I was standing silently like a scare-crow in the corner with bags all over me, deep in thought, while the ladies harangued over their future purchases.

The places where I receive these pearls of wisdom.......well...I guess there are some things positive about a disaster as well :) !!


Khushi said...

//They do not know what’s good for them. So they depend on others,

ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan ;-)

so, what did you buy putta?

chitra said...

Me?? Nothing ! Me just luggage-carrier :) :) !!

Shruthi said...

Ha ha :) Yes, I know, my mom and aunts also take me shopping for this very reason and they even call me "donkey" - coz i am the luggage-carrier :)

chitra said...

Wow....I am not the only one :) !! Glad to hear it... :) :).

Jalena said...

Have you ever been around them(mom/aunt) when they bargain during shopping?Those moments will always be cherished as some of the most embrassing moments in one's life..:-)

chitra said...

Ayyo...don't even remind me. Sometimes get confused as to who is the kid?? :) :). But ya... there's no denying that they have a better share of something called experience :).

ritzkini said...

putta..thats such a kannadiga thing to say..
Thanks kaNey..nostalgia revisit maaDsdhe..

chitra said...

Tee hee... you are always welcome macha !!

Anurama said...

//They do not know what’s good for them. So they depend on others

ha ha... good one..

chitra said...

True na?? :) :)

Anonymous said...

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