Tuesday, January 03, 2006


One of my earliest blogs was about rocking RJs on Radio City. Darius, one of my favorite RJs, hosts the evening show from six p.m to nine p.m. Yesterday, he had Sunaina, another RJ, joining him on his show. Together they made quite a blast, interspersing songs with witty exchanges (really smart replies) besides clippings from the Indian Idol Show. Some excerpts (the best of which I could remember):

Sunaina --> S

Darius --> D

S: Did you know that Darius had submitted his name for the Indian Idol but got booted out at the intial round?

D: No no Su….. I got selected all the way up to the finals. But then I was told to come to Mumbai. Remember, when I informed you over the phone, you pleaded me not to leave you (a big guffaw from Sunaina) since it would break your heart. (some-glasses-breaking-in-the-background noise).


S: We have a contestant in the Indian Idol show whose ambition is to meet John Abraham. I mean who just wants to meet John Abraham?

D: What do you mean? Don’t you want to meet him?

S: No, what I mean to say is, I do not want to just meet him.

D: Okay .. let me take a guess – is it something to do with clothes?

S: Nooooooo…… (sounds of someone being thumped on the head)


S: Darius, you should be thankful that I am here. I make the show look good.

D: Oh yeah?? Then I should say that I make the show sound good !! (what a repartee!)


Sunaina reveals that it’s her birthday the following day.

S: The only reason I am revealing this is I want lots of presents.

D: That’s pretty selfish.

S: Darius, let me take the opportunity to reveal that your birthday is just after mine. So what gift are you giving me on my birthday?

D: Depends on what you are giving me on my birthday. But frankly speaking, don’t you think that my presence alone is the biggest birthday gift?

(A loud ‘Awwwwwwwwwwwww’ from Sunaina)


What was evident for all to hear (and perhaps sense) was the easy camaraderie they shared on the platform. This set me off on a tangent - if everyone is viewed as an individual with diverse interests, tastes and opinions, it's difficult to accept someone different. And very few people are diplomatic in their personal relationships - I guess something to do with heart rather than the head :) !

So, how do some people manage relationships successfully? Does it involve masking of their true feelings, putting up with humiliation (all in the name of fun, of course) and impossible demands? And what makes people afraid of new relationships (like marriage)? Is it the commitment factor or the responsibility? How much of give-and-take is involved? Does a person have to change in order to sustain a relationship? So many questions……. and a few answers as well !

I was chatting with Sree - a good friend of mine - regarding Universal Change :

Me: The closer you get to a person, the more you discover the vices (after all no person is perfect). Then comes the crunch - you can accept the vices and continue the relationship OR get disgusted/insulted/pissed-off/hurt and discontinue the relationship. Of course, I am missing out all the pain felt during the interim period. But this is how life goes on :) !!

Sree's response was apt:

How long before you realize that not only are you close to him, he is close to you as well? How long before you feel that you need some room? No one likes to be tied up.

He had a very valid point that everyone is selfish and self-absorbed. And since everyone had only one life, shouldn't they live it the way they like it?

Well….. the question and answer session continues…………


ritzkini said...

deep kaNey ! seriously deep stuff...
totally agree with the
"everyone is selfish and self-absorbed. And since everyone had only one life, shouldn't they live it the way they like it? "

chitra said...

Yup... ondu baari I thought let me pen my serious thoughts as well !!

Anurama said...

The post has started in a very lighter note.. when I was enjoying all the conversations b/w D & S (Its been long since I tuned to Radiocity), you really made my heart heavy in one sentence..

"And since everyone had only one life, shouldn't they live it the way they like it? "

Yes.. how true.. How many of us are losing our identity and true selves just to please others???

I am waiting for more posts on this topic..

Khushi said...

Hey you could have made 2 separate posts :)...
S and D.... ya they rock... its fun to listen to them..

//how do some people manage relationships successfully?

//Does a person have to change in order to sustain a relationship?

I guess trying to accept the person AS THEY ARE... (well, just ideally speaking.. )

//And since everyone had only one life, shouldn't they live it the way they like it?

How I wish it was possible for all of us...

chitra said...

Ya... I got this thought on sensing the chemistry between Darius and Sunaina. Well... not all people are lucky in finding the ... hmmm...'right' relationships. A few sour experiences might put us off totally, or (on an optimistic note) might make us seek and cherish good ones.

Yup... lotz of ideas. I may not be able to put them so nicely in words though :( !

Ya... but it would not have conveyed my thought process. So, .... you have to live with this :) !!

Regarding accepting people the way they are, well... upto how much is the million-dollar question? As I said to one of my friends, acceptance is the key to any healthy relationship, but so is change - and the change has to be for the better !

ritzkini said...

/*Yup... ondu baari I thought */
MYGAWD,WOMAN !! that like totally mangalorean lingo !!!
and "yentha maaraayaa" to boot !!
long time since i had heard that !thanks !
and yeah..more such posts and language,please !

chitra said...

Danks macha !! One must not forget one's roots, right??

virdi said...

kini???? :-O drop jaw...

chitra said...

He he ... what for??

ritzkini said...

absolutely !

whatever for,da ??

chitra said...

Three much :) :) !!

Anonymous said...

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