Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Double dhamaaka

It all started when Aki invited me to her aunt’s house at Chennai during Dusshera.

For me, Chennai --> TNagar --> Silk Sarees :) .

The stay was extremely pleasant with Aki’s aunt doling out delicious dishes during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Aki, who wanted to buy something for her sister, and her cousin generously agreed to accompany me to T Nagar. So, we set shopping during the evening when I was feeling the after-effects of a heavy lunch (I could not resist myself, so gorged like a pig).

At one particular shop in T Nagar Aki held out a beautiful salwar-kameez material depicting the various colors of the Sun. And indeed, I had never seen such a lovely combination of orange, maroon and red! When Aki thought aloud that it was too heavy for her budget, I jumped in and bought it. It was quite expensive, but for once, I was in a mood to splurge! Unable to resist the colors herself, (you see, Aki is a big fan of maroon –almost all her outfits are of maroon color) Aki (being Aki) underwent a change of mood and bought the same material.

Soon, we got the material stitched for our respective birthdays. I inaugurated my outfit first since my birthday fell before hers. It was actually luck that we never wore the outfit on the same day - until today, almost after an year we got it stiched.

I was waiting for her for lunch when I spotted her and the first words out of my mouth were “Oh Shit” !! Picturing her reaction, I started laughing right there at the table. I was still laughing when she caught sight of me. The astonishment on her face was a sight to behold !!

Much funnier were the reactions of people when they caught sight of us while we were walking back from lunch. I guess we looked like two peas in a pod! Some reactions which I noticed (amidst giggles):

  • Reaction 1: One lady was turning around every now and then to stare at us.
  • Reaction 2: Guy on mobile actually stopped talking . I am modest enough to think our ‘beauty’ bowled him over.
  • Reaction 3: Our lunch companion remarked that there’s something vaguely similar aout our attire :).
  • Reaction 4: Some people around us were staring at us as if … as if we had sprouted horns on our head.
  • Reaction 5: Majority of the people chucking aloud (at least, we managed make them smile).
  • Reaction 6: Not yet recorded. I wonder what Anu would have thought !

Aki mock-threatened me that she would not join me for tea (that she did not join is a different matter altogether). I am now thinking of asking Aki if she will accompany me to the bus-stop. And I am pretty sure of her answer as well :) :)!!


Anurama said...

Oh comon Anu, rush to TNagar to get the same outfit. Next time when we go to Nandhini, all 3 of us should go in the same outfit to give a shock to everyone around ;)

chitra said...

He he he he that would be hilarious ROTFL !!