Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year's resolution.......

With all the hype and hoopla surrounding New Year, I should admit that it was relatively quiet at my place, except for some fireworks at midnight (the key to all celebrations). I spent the following Sunday at home doing nothing (read as eating and sleeping). I did not even venture to read a paperback which I had bought a few weeks back, and I must admit that it’s a first for me since I make it a point to relax (big time) with a book during the weekends.

Since I was left alone to my own devices for a long time, I found myself analyzing and re-analyzing a situation which I badly wanted to forget. Too agitated to sit still, I set out for a stroll. The twilight, the pleasant breeze, and the distant shouts of children playing lightened my mind considerably.

I approached a vacant site in which a few children were playing cricket. As I was walking past, I watched a fight broke out between a boy and the rest of the group. Obviously he was contesting the OUT decision, as against the rest of the group. However, he was at an advantage since he stalked off with the only existing bat in the team. The rest of the group was left with only a ball. “Well…. That’s the end of the game,” I thought.

Suddenly, one of the guys whispered something to the rest of the gang, and raced to his home nearby. After a short period, he emerged with a pair of writing pads. Soon, the group was playing cricket, with the pad substituting the bat.

Without even realizing, I had stopped to watch this entire drama. I was amazed at the ingenuity of the kids, who instead of being resigned to their fate, applied their wits and were back to their playful selves. Aaaaahhh….. the resiliency of kids………….

And I continued with my walk, wishing badly that I could take a leaf from their book :)!


ritzkini said...

yaak 'kka ? yeradu yeradu saari same postu ??
happy new year chitra...
cheers to the kids and the pad-cricket..done that in the recess period b/w exams,when i was a kid..

Jay said...

" could take a leaf from their book :)!"

I guess all of us should!

Wish U a great year ahead!

American Pi said...

Smart Kids!

chitra said...

'kka again? Yentha maaraaya?? BTW, Double post deleted !!
Thanks for the wishes. And of course, wish you very much the same :).

Yup... and thanks for the wishes.

-/Amreekan Pi
Yup.... haven't (yet) met any adult whom I can say the same :) :) !!

Anurama said...

Yup.. I feel re-kindled these days.. Who is stopping us from having all the fun kids have??? (If this phrase rings a bell to you.. he he it is intentional)

chitra said...

He he ... no-one. However, one should have the same enthu as the kids!!

!xobile said...

Oye good yaar chitrahaar.. kids are always mast and carefree.... hence ingenious. :D v nice.

chitra said...

Tanku tanku :) !! Oh to be a kid again....

ABiasForAction said...

I spend the new year in a more inspirational way.Making a few resolutions before the deadline and then sleeping through it.

Kids are ingenous because they donot blindly accept the consequences as we do.
Happy New Year

chitra said...

Welcome back !! And let me assure you that you are not the only one 'inspired' :) !!

Anonymous said...

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