Friday, December 30, 2005

For the sake of music

I had two of my friends – one whom I know personally and is a dear friend, and other whom I have not seen in person at all and is almost like a good friend – recommend the songs of Rang De Basanti.

I did not have the chance to hear the songs till today, thanks to work, work and WORK !! Finally, I decided to throw in the towel. Worked feverishly in the morning and wonders of wonders, even completed a bit of my work ahead of my schedule. All for hearing songs in the afternoon! Wish I had this enthu for the rest of my work :)!

Now, let me clarify that my cube-mates have the greatest sense of humor and the ultimate patience, since they have to tolerate me singing every now and then (which is quite often, I should say). Sometimes, they even join me and as a result, we have people often coming in to check if someone has gone mad!!

Finally, I located the songs, plugged in my head-phones (once again, tanku Aki and Anu), and was soon head-banging to the title track of Rang De Basanti. Disaster struck in the form of my PL who just walked in just at the instant I was singing (rather shouting) ‘Lose Control’. I actually waved a ‘hi’ to him and continued listening to the music.

After sometime, the total silence in the cube alerted me that something was horribly wrong (err.. could be attributed to the headset as well since it compltely enveloped my ears). I turned around to see my cube-mates gaping at me as if I had sprouted horns on my head! My question of “What’s wrong?” was greeted with a deafening silence (and glassy stares) lasting for around 10 secs. And then….. everybody burst out laughing; everybody except me - I (as usual) did not get the joke!

It was after a full fifteen minutes they revealed, with laughter punctuating each sentence, that our dearest PL got the biggest New Year Jhatka on seeing this usually staid lady (who me??) shouting ‘Lose Control’ and swinging (on a chair, mind you) to the music. They dissolved into fits of laughter describing the myriad change of expressions on his face – from shock (??) to amazement!

All….. I repeat, all for hearing songs in the afternoon …………


Jay said...

'Staid' .. Er .....! :-)

PS : Wish U an eventful year 2k6 :-)

Anurama said...

ha ha ha.. i could imagine ur PL's expression ;)

chitra said...

Explain yourself !!!

Ya... and I did not even see it :) !!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work » »