Thursday, January 05, 2006

Guy talk :)

Jer, one of my colleagues, had come over to my cube today on some pretext after lunch. On his way out, he was literally trapped (and I mean it) by Var, one of my cube-mates. Now, this is no mean feat as Var is almost an inch shorter than Jer, though slightly leaning towards the plumper side.

Finally, he released a madly-laughing Jer, who was quite red in the face (either from struggle or embarrassment, I really do not know).

He grabbed hold of a mobile charger – mine actually – and proceeded to measure the circumference of his forearm with it. Jer proceeded to measure his own arm, at which point, I yanked my cord away. What were they trying to do with it? The conversation that ensued was something like this:

Var: Hey Tu (another cube-mate of mine who was dozing in his chair), his is almost 16 inches (??). Mine’s only 13.

Then Roh, another co-sufferer (read cube-mate) provided his opinion:

Roh: Have you seen Arnold’s? It’s almost 24.

Var: Arrey… kya baat kar raha hain? His’ is almost 28.

Jer: Hey man, you should see Hunk’s. It measures almost 30 inches.

24, 28, 30 ??? What’s all this about? I watched Tu, the only member who had remained silent during this entire exchange. However, he did not offer me any pearls of wisdom, as he was taking in every word of the conversation, nodding his head in understanding every now and then.

The conversation then drifted to (of all the stupid things in the world) – the T-shirts worn by our gym instructors. And then, wonder of wonders, batti jal gayi !! It was then I realized that the ‘discussion’ was all about the biceps of various muscle-men viz Arnold Swazzenegger, Hulk Hogan, so on and so forth.

Sigh…….. sometimes you are really at a disadvantage if you are the only girl among a bunch of know-it-all guys !!


ritzkini said...

aaah...the ignorance of the female mind in these matters...

chitra said...

Ya...reduced to a blinking dumbie :) !!

Anurama said...

Chitra in her full form ;)

chitra said...

Are you referring to the blog or my statement above yours :)?

Jyothika said...

why am I not surprised at all?? ;O)

chitra said...

Et tu, Brutus?? :) :)