Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Rocking RJs

I am sure that many would agree with me if I state that there is no other better pastime than listening to music during a monotonous bus journey. I discovered this during my tedious journey to work. During the initial days, I simply observed the route. Observed my co-passengers as well, but gave it up. It is not every time one gets the urge to count the number of molars in a widely-yawning-passenger’s mouth. After the initial excitement wore off, I returned to reading books. However, this was difficult during the evenings (and nights) when daylight was waning and I could not procure a seat right under the tube-light in the bus. So, finally resorted to music and henceforth pure bliss ensued !!

Sadly, every good thing comes to an end (so goes the pessimistic proverb). My headphones broke down and I was back to molar-counting :(. When I was at my wit’s end, Anu and Aki gifted me a wireless headset on my birthday. Anu and Aki, I would like to take this opportunity to state that it is one of the best birthday gifts I have ever received! You really made my day (and the days to follow).

So, I was back to listening Radio City the previous evening, when Darius, (pronounced Derrice) the RJ, started reviewing (read as post-morteming) the newly released film Neal’n’Nikki. The person who gave him company in this venture was none other than Fiona, the RJ who usually hosts the afternoon show on Radio City. They had no trouble coming to the conclusion that the film sucks! Fiona even went on to warn the public that no, the women in the West do not dress like Tanisha ! But the comment that took the cake was when they referred to Tanisha’s toned figure and started chanting “We want curves!! We want curves!!”

The chant was immediately cut off by a song (my guess is that those two got away with a warning). But, I wonder what the (sleepy) lady in the bus must have thought of her neighbor - a foolishly grinning girl with a pair of wireless headphones :) :).


Jay said...

Its a thin line ..... and some RJ's ... just push a bit far. The show is 'interesting' nevertheless!

chitra said...


Agreed !!

Anurama said...


I love the "Neal N Nicky" song. Was playing it almost 20 times on loop 2 days back :)

Fiona and Darius are just cool RJs. Boy, RadioCity is gifted to have an "all-time-youthful" team ;)

chitra said...


Ya...I enjoy the way Darius changes the tack of conversation depending on the age of the caller :).

Anonymous said...

hey when was ur birthday! i missed it! :(-Jyothika

chitra said...

What Jo?? How can you forget it? We share the same date :) !

Anonymous said...

i totally lost it-which month-sooooooooo sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy..
btw u write very well!!(so will you forgive me now?? plzzz :O)-Jyo

chitra said...

Ha ha ... I am not cross with you in the first place. So, 'phorget' it ;) !! BTW, tanku for the compliment (or maska)!

Jyothika said...

u still dint answer my q- which month? i dont want to forge t it..no prob about the maska-always ready to dole out some..

Anonymous said...

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