Monday, December 12, 2005

Review zara hat ke...

DD-1 had the (sudden) inspiration to air ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ on television during the weekend. I was thinking of hitting the sack early when I heard the ‘Man Mohini’ song on (hold your breath) none other than my neighbor’s TV. This instantly galvanized me into switching on the TV in order to verify if that movie was really being played! Now, I must admit that I rarely have the patience to watch three-hour-plus movies unless they have good songs, or they are based on something realistic (Satya). HDDCS fell into the former category and hence this sleep-vanished-to-be-replaced-by-enthu.

What I like most in this movie – here it goes:

  • Scene introducing Nandini (Aish’s character) through a game of Lagori – speaks of Nandini’s spunk and boisterous temperament. It’s a different matter that she defeats all the guys she is competing with (WOW) !!

  • Nandini’s wardrobe :). All those flowing lehengas (I hope that my guess is correct) and gorgeous sarees after marriage. She looks every inch the true Indian Lady!

  • Vanraj’s reaction (played by none other than Ajay Devgan) on learning that his wife is in love with some other guy – initially he is furious enough wanting to throw her out of the house, but later his rationality and principle of jhoot-ka-saath-nahi-de-sakta forces him to leave in search of his wife’s lover, so that he could relinquish his right over her. That takes guts !

  • The train scene where Vanjraj finally is successful in establishing a talking relationship with Nandini. Hats of to Ajay Devgan in this particular scene. The way his face expresses various emotions – contentment on hearing Nandini chuckle along with a strange expression of hunger. Awesome!

  • “Main kuch kahoo” scene where a dead-drunk Vanraj tries to express his love to Nandini. Even the state of extreme intoxication prevents him in revealing his true feelings. That’s what I call complete control of mind ! The fact that, in spite of this superb piece of control, Nandini gets to know his love for her is a different matter altogether. I guess something has to be said about a woman’s sixth sense :)!

  • Last but not the least – the entire song sequence of ‘Aakhon ki gustaakhiyaan’. Aishwarya’s expressions are a treat to watch. And yes, she looks drop-dead gorgeous in that peach outfit.

So, for all those who get inspired to watch this movie on reading this blog (stranger things have happened), happy viewing !


Vikram said...

Me not into emotional, melodramatic, tear-jerking hindi movies. :D...sorry, i can't tell the difference between a Karan Johar and Yash Chopra movie. They look the same to me.

But I did notice this on your blog.

//they are based on something realistic (Satya).

That is something I like. :)

Satya, Company etc are some hindi movies worth your time.

Just an opinion. :)

Anurama said...

Good post da... HDDCS is my kina movie. Everytime I see the movie, I feel thrilled. I am planning to get a DVD of HDDCS for my personal collection :)

chitra said...


Glad to share your opinion, Vikram. I just do not have the patience to sit through a three-hour movie and watching your neighbour cry :).


Wow !! Is it after seeing my blog? Me sprouting horns now :)!!

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