Friday, December 09, 2005

Aamchi Schumi :)

I am alive.

I am really alive to write this blog.

And no, I am not crazy !!

It all started the previous day when I had to take a cab to get home – thanks to the astounding review that was supposed to finish at eight. Luckily, it got wrapped up at around 10 p.m. and I was off, sprinting (earthquake anyone?) towards the parking area. Managed to find the designated cab. Buuuutttttt, the seat near the driver was already occupied by a (fat) fellow.

“Now, what’s the big deal?” one may ask. People seated at the back in the cab have a tendency to sleep (read as snore). And after a looooonnnnngggg day at work, I was feeling pretty work-lagged and was not up to withstanding the temptation myself.

Few more people and there I was, sandwiched between two people. Then came THE driver and my jaw dropped ! That guy did not look a day over eighteen !! And I was about to trust him to drive me all the way home (no mean feat, min one-and-a-half hours) !! With my precious life?

Aaauuunnnndddd we were off ! The ‘speed and finesse’ with which he drove made me feel like I was watching a 3-D movie. Trucks, buses, cars and (poor) two-wheelers were just-missed-targets with just barely inches of separation. My work-lag vanished to be replaced by uneasiness and of course, a great deal of worry if I would reach home in once piece. My cab-mate took advantage of my stiff posture and promptly fell asleep on my shoulder and no amount of sidling would unglue her (I had a tough time waking her at her stop). Lack of light prevented me to see the expressions of my cab-mates. But I doubt if I could ever have thought about anything else during the journey. At one point of time, I was sure that my time was up and over. But I guess God still had some (nice??) plans for me!

O boy !! I was never this glad to see namma mane (our house). Incidentally, I was the last to be dropped off (my bad-luck-ka-cup runneth over). Sneaked a look at my watch – could not believe it – only 10:40 p.m.?? I could not resist asking him:

Me: “Bhaiyan, tumhe liscence kisne dee?”

Driver: (having the grace to look abashed at 10:45 p.m. in the night) “Purso hi mili, Madam.”

Totally pooped out ! However, could not sleep, thanks to effects of Micheal Schumacher’s second cousin !! Or Aamchi Schumi ??


Jay said...

The driver was 'licensed to thrill' ? ;-)

Jyothika said...

hehehe-good one...

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! That was some F1 stuff - Fright One! ;)

chitra said...


Thrill the daylights (or nightlights) out !!


Hey dhanyavadagalu !!


I second that :) !

Khushi said...

You are not alone... My evening cab driver tries all the schumi stunts on hosur road... donno y it always feels like people are chanting 'raam naam satya hai' around me...

chitra said...


:) :). All the best!

Anonymous said...

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