Thursday, December 08, 2005

Me and emotional???

Thought of posting a blog about my cube-mates. But (fortunately for them) that has to wait.

Radio City has introduced a new program – Musical-e-Azam (catchy name, I must admit). Today morning saw Alka Yagnik as the guest of honour. Oh man, what a voice! There were calls from various fans, including a nine-year old, Aditya, who claimed that his Mom was a normal singer, while Alka was a ‘versatile’ singer. Then there was her own daughter calling in to thank her for all that she had done (Alka replied “To tum radio par mujhe thank-you karyogi, kya?”).

All the songs played were my favourites- be it ‘Dil ne ye kaha hai..’ (Dhadkan) to the title track of Taal. However, the one which moved me most was the song ‘Saare sapne kahi kho gaye’ from her first private album, Tum Yaad Aaye. I could feel tears pricking my eyes as Javed Akhar’s lyrics washed over me:

Saare sapne kahin kho gaye..
Haaye hum kya se kya ho gaye..

Dil se Tanhaai ka dard jeeTa
Kya kahein hum pe kya kya na beeTa..
Tum na aaye, magar jo gaye..
Haaye hum kya se kya ho gaye.. 
Saare ......
Tumne humse kahin Thi jo baaTein..
Unko dohraaTi hain gam ki raatein..
Tumse milne ke din To gaye..
Haaye hum kya se kya ho gaye..
Saare ......
Koi shikva na koi gila hai..
Tumse kab humko yeh gam mila hai...
Haan naseeb apne hi so gaye..
Haaye hum kya se kya ho gaye..
Saare ......

I was unashamedly crying by the time the song ended!

“Get a grip on yourself, Chitu”, chanting this mantra and groping for my hanky, I sneaked a look at my travelling companions only to find them snoring away to glory :).

By the time I reached office, I was perfectly composed to plough through the work that awaited me. Still could not help wondering, what made me cry? Pent-up emotions? Stress? Loneliness? Or simply the music? Or the lyrics? Or the person, I reflected, I had become? Now that will take some time to anyalyse and perhaps, another blog :).


Jay said...

Sometimes ..... its just a combination of all you mentioned!

Anurama said...

yup.. i feel the same way whenever i hear the touching melodies of Ilayaraja...

chitra said...

For a person who calls herself un-emotional, it's a revealation!

Ha ha I am not the only one :)!

Naveen said...

What you felt is completely is powerful enough to bring out the emotions from deep inside (provided you understand the lyrics :))!

chitra said...


Yup. Found that out a bit late though :) !

ABiasForAction said...

Emotional and you ?? How can that be possible.

chitra said...

Ya... that was what I was wondering about :)!

Suchitra said...


I came across your space while googling for the lyrics of 'Sare sapne...'. Music is perhaps the only thing that speaks across all boundaries, and it is not surprising that we open up to music more than we do to anything/anyone else! If we can be honest about our emotions, then why not!!


Chitra said...

Oh yes! Agreed! But if one's honest with one's emotions, a 'volcanic eruption' (like this) can be prevented :-)!