Sunday, June 15, 2008

Power play.......

He was the one. Omnipresent and omnipotent. All-pervading and strong.

He would blaze down with all his strength leaving destruction in his wake. Everything alive, everything thriving would be no longer.

He was the very essence of power, intellect, confidence and virility, all rolled into one irresistible package.

He could leave no stone unturned in acquiring what he desired. Many a times, he demanded to be satisfied, no offering too less for him. He was insatiable, asking for more, and getting it nearly all the time.

He had admirers, followers.... devout and faithful. But he preferred to remain untouched by all, favouring to remain aloof…. alone........and free.

Until, he met Megha and was captivated by her dark beauty. His senses reeled every time he encountered her dark doe-like gaze. She was all fire, all thunder, and all sultry siren, beckoning to him with her slender form, and muddling his senses to such an extent so as to make him forget himself. In her company, he was all but a pale shadow of himself, half-heartedly trying to be his blazing former self, but ending up reining in his brute strength just to please her, to indulge her, to preen under her shower of affection.......hoping......hoping that she would reciprocate. But there were times when he showed signs of impatience, and reverted to his former glorious self, albeit for a brief period.

Thus, it was sunny for a whole of five minutes today in Bangalore ;-) :-D!


Anu said...

sooper imagination.:)

Endevourme said...

hehe :D :D

Amrita said...

hehe nice one... though i imagined it wud b a cat rather than sun god himself ;)

Guru said...
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Anonymous said...

sultry siren
muddling his senses
brute strength
for a brief period

I do understand the feelings..

prasilius said...

Apocalypse. That's what came to my mind when I saw the photograph

CP said...

But that snap is not bangalore. Or is it?

Chitra said...

Tee hee...thanks :-)!

Thanku thanku :D!

-/Amu (may I?)
He he he !! Between two cat-lovers, yes :D!

You do, do you :-)?

Apocalypse??? HA HA HA.... !

Nope. It's of a cloudy day in Edinburgh, UK. Didn't have any sunny, non-personal snaps of namma BengaLooru....:-(!

Chitra said...

Should there be an analogy ;-)?

Guru said...

:D .. "Power play..." looks ... you want to convey...a strong ...message .. ;-)

Chitra said...

Welllll.....all my blog-posts mostly do :-)!

bernard n. shull said...

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chitra said...

Tagged you!!

laks said...

ha ha, u must come up with a novel some day! its a gd talent to have that innate quality to ramble on and keep the viewer hooked. Yep, Mr.Sun is hardly seen here these days..
Ps howz u been

Chitra said...

Hmmmmm...interesting! Now I have to add this to the already existing queue :-)!

Thanks dear! Have been busy with a major event. How have you been doing?

Chitra said...

Thanks for the wishes! But would appreciate if you would drop a mail for all personal messages. A blog is too public a platform for this....