Monday, May 19, 2008

Caught and framed

Thanks to my habit of not dozing off during travel (I sorely blame it on my restless nature!), I've developed a consistent habit of listening to the radio. Yet to buy an MP3 player (somehow….. I am taking my own sweet time to resolve the 'if's, 'but's, 'how's and 'which's, by the end of which I am sure S would shake me by my shoulders and drag me to the store :P), I have my old wireless headset for company. The chances of me listening to radio are high on the days when I am unable to bag a seat directly under any source of light (read as a yuxtremely dim tube light) and thus not bury my (doNNmeNasinakaayni) nose in a book, or the world outside the window becomes a tad too monotonous to observe. However, there have been instances when I am too tired to do anything except sit still while my mind goes in circles searching (yet again) for a logical solution for some obscure issue. Sigh…. so much for analytical mind… !

And then there are times when a song evokes emotion akin to the welcome rain. Every time I listen to any of these, I discover something new, something fresh, something which I had not observed earlier…... and each time I marvel as to how a small chord, a delightful tune, a supposedly insignificant instrument adds up to something so melodious, making me sway with delight (much to the consternation of the person sitting beside me). Geez….. perhaps I should be more controlled in displaying my joy :P !

One day I caught a few stanzas of the following song on FM91. Maybe it was the semi-classical nature, or Kavitha Krishnamurty's melodious voice, or the hummable lyrics... whatever the reason, I got hooked....and badly at that! Googling the few lines which I remembered, I discovered the following song from Lakeer.

Paigaam laaya saawan daaman se bandh jaaye daaman
Rimjhim khushiyon ki barase hum pe barkha
Chanchal hawa ye boli sajne de teri doli
Doli phir dole jaise dole chanda

Ji karata hai pankh laga ke uD jaaoon main
Neele gagan ko baadal ban ke choo jaaoon main
Ji karata hai pankh laga ke uD jaaoon main

Barkha pawan ye boondein sabne uDa di neendein
Jaagi aankhon me meri jaaga sapna
Manwa mera bhi dole haule haule ye bole
Begaani duniya mein hai tu hi apna

Ji karta…. main

Barkha ..... needein

Jaagi..... sapna

Saagar kinaare kisi parbat ke saayein mein
Dikhta hai ek aashiyaan
Hai jaan jab tak main rahoon tere dil mein hi
Wahi hai mera aashiyaan
Maasoom hain baatein aisi
Phoolon pe ho shabanam jaisi
Main khil sa gaya mahak uta jag saara

Ji karta…. Main

Paigaam ...... barkha
Manwa ..... apna

Shaakhon pe jhoola jhoole nai naveli ye kaliyaan
Teri baanhon mein jhoole hum
Chaahat ka mausam aaya
Tanahaai sang laaya madahosh hain aaj hum
Madahoshi ab na toote
Daaman ye tera na chhoote
Hai sang tera rang tera mera kya

Song of the month.....and is well on its way to make it to my favs ;-)!


Amrita said...

I love this song too :)

Chitra said...

Arrey waah! So many reasons for saying 'Et tu AMritus?' :D!