Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random thoughts of a busy mind

Ever heard of this “Two parallel lines never meet”. Chitraaz corollary states that “Two things in parallel planes are made to meet by the means of (yuxtremely silly!) comparisons”. Like the way people take in the brilliant hues of a real flower and exclaim, “Is it real? It almost looks plastic.” Geez…! It is almost similar to comparing ghar ka khaana with hotel food. You got my point na?


I spent five minutes pondering (mind you, not agonizing) over what ear-rings to wear for work today. I had a pair of long shoulder-touching hangings which went extremely well with the dress. However, the ear-rings had “Not for office wear” written all over them! I removed them, contemplated by bare-eared image in the mirror, dug further into the box and came up with a relatively less-lengthpair of earrings.... the one at the yuxtreme left. To my surprise, compliments poured in for the same :-) ! Hmmmm….looks like my tomboy's dying a slow death. And I have mixed feelings regarding the loss……


This week greeted me with a big pimple sprouting on my left cheekbone… big (and ugly) that it caught the attention of most of my female colleagues (oh well…. the males have work to worry about, don’t they?), and got them talking about the myth centered around the origin of pimples. According to them (ahem), I have been ‘blessed’ with a pimple because someone (apparently!) has a crush one me. Please note that it is not vice-versa. All I am hoping (in my free time, of course) is that the crush-bearing person should be a guy….. and a handsome one at that, so that he could have a pimple or two (at my expense) ;-)!


If a two plus hour movie makes me all fidgety, a two plus hour bus-ride makes me all tired. Throw in lack of light (to read a book) and lack of food, I transmogrify into a angry young woman! To avoid scorching the bus (and thus saving the junta), I picked up sweet corn soup along with a fruit platter on my way back home today. The soup was not that thick. But it was peppery, oniony and corny (forgive the pun!). And hot. So hot that I was worried as to how to prevent it from spilling all over me during the bumpy parts of the ride. one successful. Looking forward to day two……. :-).


I am at a loss to deal with an issue which I should have given attention long time back (in fact, several years). Thanks to my repeated ignorance, it has now grown to a full-fledged problem, emotional connections complicating it all the more. And I am at a loss how to deal with it. I have cracked my skull open (and spilled my brains all over my work-desk as well....something which I rarely do) but the solution is not at all in sight :-(. It is one of the (few) times I feel like relying on my age-old friends – time.... and hope.


Could anyone clarify what ‘taken for granted’ means? How easy/difficult it is to take someone for granted? What are the warning signs? And how early/ late does a relationship get affected by this ‘taken for granted’ status?


Endevourme said...

nice pic that one :D

Amrita said...

hehe cud nt help rofl on the corny soup :D
and reln taken for granted... hmm well it jus happens even i aint sure its a tangible ignition point....

Shruthi said...

Very interesting random thoughts! Great idea, taking along food on the bus ride. Suddenly makes life worth living, huh, what say? :)

about taking for granted, it can happen very easily. The moment you find security in a relationship, you tend to start taking the other person for granted.

Phoenix said...

Love ur earings (frst two :P :P)
and yes, taken for granted is the worst feeling kills a relationship at an exponential speed beginning the moment the taken for granted thing is realised..

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about relationships much..:( yeah, but my brother has taken me for granted from the time I remember at all..:)..but your black earings on the left hand side are good..:)

Chitra said...

Thanks :-)!

Corny soup??? HA HA HA ! Good one :D!

Thanku thanku :-)! Aaah... desperation leads to great ideas ;-)! And ya... I is so much nice to look at on a full stomach rather than an empty one.

Hmmm...that's an interesting thought. But since we are in search of security in our relationships, does that mean once we do find that, we would be taken for granted? It's like choosing between a much pursued goal, and giving it up because of its negative side-effect(s).

Thanks :-)! They are lovely aren't they? Got a great deal of compliments for them ;-)!

Exponential feeling? Wonderfully put, Phoenix!

Tee hee ! That's good to hear...but I am sure that he would miss you once you are out of sight ;-)!

And thanks for the compliment ;-)

Shruthi said...

Good argument to my comment, but it is not quite what I mean. maybe we should take it offline :)

Chitra said...

Okie... ! Mail maaDi :-)!