Monday, March 17, 2008

Ssssllluuurrp responses :-)

SA and I are taking a stroll through the garden, just near the office cafeteria. Thanks to recent rains, everything appears fresh and green. SA takes a deep breath and urges me to do the same. "Just smell that fragrance of soil!" Yours truly obediently takes a deep sniff and exclaims, "Say…. they are cooking aloo paratha today"!

I am cribbing to PA about the junk topics (men, jewellery, gossip) which most women talk about when PA interrupts by saying, "I am sure I can discuss food with you :-)". Pity that person cannot see my enthusiastic nod of assent.

I am reeling under the after-effects of antibiotics when a colleague of mine mentions a particular dish which is a must-do at her family. The enthusiasm with which I identify the dish and express my loooouuuurrrve for it actually made me get out of the "I-am-unwell" feeling that I was burdened with.

P.Aunty is enquiring about the cost of the salwaar-kameez which I bought for Si, for which yours truly thus responds, "Hmmmm….. one favourite dish a day till I call it a stop. Let's start with hayagreeva :-)".

I am on a rare call with RS; time's a scarcity for her thanks to her recently elevated status to Motherhood. And as usual, we start talking about the some scrumptious food which we tasted in some obscure corner of the city, followed by complicated directions to that obscure corner. Sometimes I forget that there are better subjects to talk about….... like her three-month old baby girl :-) !

I take PA to a food joint in one of the well-known malls in B'lore. Without much ado, I make a bee-line to the farthest corner of the food-joint selling beverages like hot badam milk (yum-yum), bypassing the outlets for dosas, samosas, noodles and all that fried stuff which I usually hanker for. On being enquired, I answer with a simple, "This is the only thing worth its price in this over-priced mall!"

Yours truly is not her usual talkative self (she is, isn't she ;-) ?) during a baLe-ele ooTa hosted by her Project Manager. When quizzed she promptly answers, "I like to eat and listen to the conversation around me. That way, I can, and yet cannot be a part of the conversation." Project Manager is duly stumped!

H and I are spending a quiet night on the terrace looking out into the night sky. Looking at the inky black sky studded with twinkling stars, H remarks, "Sigh.... things like this make you feel so small na?". And I remark, "Hmmmm.... wonder what Amma's cooking for dinner."

The foodie reigns supreme :D !


CP said...

After having been reading your blog for sometime, i am glad i could decode who RS is. Improve your encoding skills :-)

paratha vs soil? you are very much 'down to stomach' i say!!

Amrita said...

hehe goooooooooooood to kno a die hard foodie like u :)

Swati said...

hmm.. i miss my ma's cooking.. boo hoo :(

Chitra.. can i link your previous post to mine? had been thinking of taking it up as a post?

Phoenix said...


Chitra said...

Er.... how is that when I have not mentioned RS anytime before :-)? But if you do know, mail me :D!

Tee hee...! Should I say, "My pleasure" ;-)?

Who doesn't :-)? Mom's cooking is.... well... Mom's cooking! Unparalleled :-)!

Yep! Feel free to link my post!

:-) too !

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

The thought of "Amma's food" always lingers in my thought !!

Chitra said...

-/C's Amma
Sllllluuuurrrrrppp !! Tell me all about it :-)!