Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This post.....

.....is all about my close friend’s cute daughter – a precocious two-year old.

I know it’s a big challenge for parents to bring up their children. But from the perspective of a third person (read as good ol’ me), not subjected to the tantrums of the child all day long, it is fun. Pure unadulterated fun :-)!

It began with little S watching Animal Planet on TV. Before you nod your heads sagely and comment, “Wow.....educational stuff. Good for children. They can learn all the right things”, I would beg to differ. Things which can be perceived as ‘right’ by children need not necessarily be ‘right’ for us.....or vice-versa, as narrated through the following incident.

So...where was I? Yes....... lil S and Animal Planet. During the episode, she came to focus on the particular information that animals use the river water to pee. Well..... I can hardly blame them – who can construct toilets for them? Unfortunately, lil S is not old enough to logically piece such sequence of thoughts to arrive at the (so-called) right conclusion.

The result – lil S refused to have a bath because she thought that the water was impure :-)!

p.s: It took a whole of two hours - including a neat drama of fetching ‘fresh’ water from outside (which in reality was the tap-water) and boiling it in the kitchen – to convince her about the cleanliness of water.

Wow...... kidz!

I am sure SA and her hubby would be opining, “Sigh/phew.....kidz!” :-)


Sharath said...

lol!!..I guess, such incidents makes it more interesting to bring up children!. I would have more appreciated if the parents succeeded in explaining and convincing the little S.

Anonymous said...

I now know why they bathe in milk in baby/beauty soap advertisements.

Sujit said...

great kid!.. :).. fun times ahead :)

chitra said...

I guess they would...when she is in a state to understand. Kids are more harder to convince than adults :-)!


Yup...look how intelligently she linked things!

Avinash said...

kids.. :).. I know a kid who applies what she learns. Her aaya gives her the milk bottle to snatch any valuable thing from her hands (from getting thrown, of course). The next day, she came to me with a milk bottle, kept it close to my mouth and before I could figure whats going on, my mobile was in her hands.. ;D.. all this just 11 months after popping out.

chitra said...

Ayyappa...eegina kaalada makkaLu sakkath smart!

Anonymous said...

That means you are from hindina kaala.So soon....
So fast..
just like eegina kaalada maklu. :-)

chitra said...

:) good old days.

chitra said...

There are times when I do feel that I belong to the older generation! The apt name for today's kids is next gen kids....does sound like a misnomer though :-)!

Yuppu! Somedays I will write a post listing all the reasons to go back to childhood!

Di said...

er..the thought even makes ME a bit uncomfortable...cant really blame the kid now,can u?!

chitra said...

He he...but you have to admit, she was smart enough to figure it out :-)!