Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's a.......

......crash....and not a sixer :-)!

Ever felt like giving a vent to your emotions before you explode out of sheer frustration?

Just give a thought to the shore which gets pounded unrelentingly by the and night.....every single second.

Maybe it's a curse, maybe it's a boon...or maybe it's the rule of nature.

However, one has to say for patience.... of a differnet kind. Rare and forgiving.....


Sujit said...

the waves of sea are your emotions and the rocks is you!.. an analogy exists!.. how hard are the rocks to withstand any poundings of the sea!.. you wont break down!.. but at time sea wins.. aided by cyclones! that where patience breakdown!..

Anonymous said...

I thought chitra means a picture .From where did rock come from.
Atlast we got to see the beach , but where is the
boat with strangers.

Anonymous said...

I think sea is one of the greatest energy sources on display.
When you near its waves they will kill the noise of human world.A new world will roar but still makes you feel lonely if you sit on shore.

Just move into it and get hit by waves you will know what it means to be alive.
It seems sea has everything engulfed in its womb roaring and beating the shores in unison.

I can't see any parallel to a sea.I don't think venting frustrations,patience,curse,bane,boon,forgiving,rare, crash, sixer can ever describe a sea.
What can describe it is natural life.It lives every moment.

chitra said...

Sigh....very melodramatic I say!

Tee hee....could not take a snap full of strangers!

Howdu alvaa...the sea lives every moment....

The Avenger !!! said...

umm i can see a "Sea of thoughts" but where are they on the post ?

tich tich you shouldnt hide anything on your post :)

chitra said...

Sea of thoughts? More an avalanche of thoughts :-)!

Avinash said...

patience is a bitter tree with a sweet fruit in it.. :)..

chitra said...

Waah waah...sakkath commentu :-)!

Thenraj said...

As like the waves hit the rocks and dissolve it in some time..emotions which you keep inside you will dissolve u..and there wont be any life better let you be the waves and emotions be the rock..

endevourme said...

i understand,
and i smile too...... :D!!

chitra said...

isnt it the kind of patience that exists in most of Indian women??

Anonymous said...

Indian women!!!
which century are u talking about?

chitra said...

Erm....very poetic I say!

What do you understand da???? :-)

Yup...the old fashioned ones...or rather the ones with sanskaar! BTW, want to answer Anon's question here?

Ahem... I guess the question is for Chitra.

chitra said...


I think it was a question from someone who doesnot want to accept reality.

why do you have to take it as an act of violence. Despite the fact that our mother is educated, is she not allowing herself to get pushed by us. And similarly, yes,our generation does it for our son. similarly, the shore or the rock which gets crashed by the waves. the rock has its identity. isnt vivekananda rock a mighty example. It stands in the middle of the ocean where the tides of all the three mighty oceans fall on.

Chitra, i am sorry, but since u asked for me to answer the Q I did it, i had read it earlier and ignored it, for i felt the person who wrote is immature.

Anonymous said...

Two chitras here.Hmmm

Well I would like to answer the pictures (chitra & chitra).
First the owner chitra
The word samskaar is mistaken.It should not merely mean a bundle of practices but the ideas behind it .sam + kaara/kaarya .

I hold that patience is a great virtue not to be misunderstood as fear or keeping quiet.

The problem with our generation is that they pretend to know their culture.

Chitra No.2:
Well I agree I am immature.
I agree I don't accept reality( because for me reality itself is relative term based on varying levels of consciousness .)
but I accept truth.

The question was Which century were u talking about?
It can start from -infinity to 1 to 20 to 20.5 .anything(21st intentionally omitted as they are yet to become women!) for my own analysis.

Mother,son,vivekananda rock!
Anything else.
Let patience thrive.

chitra said...

-/Chitra apologies please! Your comment is neatly-worded. So please feel free to drop in your comments. After all, a blog is nothing but a forum to express one's views :-)!

Sanskaar definitely does not mean a bundle of practices. Rather it's something that's passed along several generations and can be carried forward only if it's respected. It's not just practising some practices blindy but rather understanding the significance behind it. How many among us know the importance of the sacred thread ceremony? How many of us can tread the fine line between practice and blind superstition? How many of us veer towards the so-called western culture without even having an inkling of our own culture?

To respect one's culture or language, it's not necessary to understand it...rather one should have an inclination or the open-mindedness to understand it....the affinity to learn and judge.

endevourme said...

why doesnt anonymous reveal his (i am sure its HE)
identity? if he thinks his opinions are correct, what is he scared of?

take it easy da,
and give my huggz to little sreesanth :-)

Anonymous said...

Right now I have a identity crisis.
Btw what does endevourme means.

Anonymous said...

To respect one's culture or language, it's not necessary to understand it...rather one should have an inclination or the open-mindedness to understand it....the affinity to learn and judge.

Do you mean just keep on dreaming but never try.

Pritika Gupta said...

wow!! gr88 views..:)

Pritika Gupta said...

sea is vast.. never ending.. full of energy..voilent.. House for several.. bread supplier for others.. It attracts us in every form..

chitra said...

Nope. But dreams do throw open the floodgates of thought!

Thanks! Full of energy? Definitely....