Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ek gaana...

Doesn't this song have a very earthy feel to it? More info about the film and lyrics......

My initial post was along these lines....

What was Gulzaar saab thinking when he wrote the lyrics for this ? Reminds me so much of this.....the words do not make sense at all"

Ah cannot deny first impressions, can they? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Sorry its not earthy but down of earth!
Lyrics- pathetic.

Btw I liked ur Experience makes (wo)man perfect and have commented.

chitra said...

-/Second Anon
Tee hee...I thought so too until I saw the translation - have linked it in my post. Initially my post was on the lines of "What was Gulzaar saab thinking when he wrote the lyrics for this song? Reminds me so much of Saathiya title sense at all." But then, I chanced to see that blog which had the translation...check it does make sense...

chitra said...

And ya....thanks for the comment - I liked it!

Rk said...

Was expecting this post from you, talking about Guru;s music ;-)
Check out a review

chitra said...

He he...I'm yet to hear all the songs of Guru. This looks okay - Rahman sings good! Didn't like 'Barso Re'...yen lyrics.."gosa re gosa re(???)"

Anonymous said...

I think the lyrics are not upto mark.When it comes to Rahman I think Tamil lyrics will be better than Hindi.
While his music is always nice, lyrics don't catch up the melody probably because of lack of co ordination.
North-South debate ahh.
Only one of Rahman which I recollect - Taal-its so refreshing both by lyrics and music.
But Shah Rukh films which run only by songs like Devdas and Veer Zaara are written with extreme care.

I would enjoy listening to Fanaa than this.

BTW One more on the 'D' trivia.
Anon ? ok reach me at from now.

chitra said...

Agreed! Somehow regional lyrics make more sense than Hindi in ARR's case!

Avinash said...

never understood Gulzar's lyrics except for Ijaazat and Omkara. But he gives the song some kind of feel..

My favorite creation of Gulzar is 'jangal jangal baat chali hai ..
pata chala hai..
chaddi pahan ke phool khila hai
phool khila hai.. '... :D..

chitra said...

Hyuck hyuck .... Jungle book rocks !!

Rk said...

As much as respect I have for Gulzar, (some of his lyrics are truly gems), I sometimes am disappointed by him. Ek lo ek muft, no matter however much "relevant" it is for the movie is one such example in this movie.
Also, Gulzar can weave Urdu or pure Hindi and make it very meaningful (Dil Se shayiri or the very Satrangi song) but when it comes to words that are simple and yet attract normal crowd, he fails greatly (like barso re or even my most disliked of Gulzar - Saathiya - neele _ pehnke bhaag me mat jaana, bhanvre tumko choo jayenge, something something - is so very unpoetic and dialogish.
Well, opinions differ and I know -cringe- people who actually like the lyrics of Paatshaala song despite this :"“talli hoke girne se samjhi hamne gravity
ishq ka practical kiya tab aayi clearity”

“naata yeh sannata hai dekho lambu shor hain

har dil mein bud bud karta H2SO4 hain”"

Talking of Rehman songs and Hindi lyrics I dont agree much. Rahman songs - no matter hindi or tamil itself - dont lend themselves to lyrics when he does not want it. Urvasi urvasi was tamil, chuk puk rail was tamil, colombus columbus was tamil and I can go on and on where his music could not be fit to lyrics. But when he wants, he can give music where good lyrics can be put but despite that if someone goofs up it is the shortcoming of a lyricist and not that of the language. Dil Se was hindi for eg where there was good lyrics. One more point which should be considered is most of Rehman's music is originally for the Tamil movies and hence greater interest was given for original lyrics (bcoz it has to sell) and when the movie gets remade or dubbed (by which time the movie is already popular), not much of interest is shown for the lyrics - you catch a Prasoon Joshi or a Sameer and get the lyrics done overnight.
I wonder how people can even think the music can be for a particular language.

Anonymous said...

Hello! ;)
hey... what unhinged newz!
what do you consider about it?