Friday, September 01, 2006

All for a reason...

A sore throat can bring lots of memories to the forefront....... like this one which took place a couple of years ago......

I had just graduated from being a bathroom singer to a cubical singer when I first met Bhopu. I have a penchant for humming songs in the most absurd places (include a bathroom in that list as well) and at all odd times of the day. And when I am in the mood (which people have a lot to be scared of in case they are not insured), I can belt out songs like Geetha Dutt incarnated.

...ya...ya...thanks a ton (for the sarcasm)....

Well......too much of 'singing' drove Bhopu up the wall. But hey..... who cared ;-)?

But (as all good things which come to an end), a severe sore throat forced me to keep my mouth shut lest I croak like a frog and instigate (a chorus) other male frogs.

I still remember the surprised look Bhopu threw at my silent coutenance the very first day. Don't tell me you are working... was his questioning remark.

Well...I won't...I retorted with as much dignity possible that could be managed with a croaky voice.

Two days passed and there was still no forthcoming sign of even a hum.

Until one fine day, Bhopu burst out with “Hey......just because I said something to the effect of ‘Shut up’, you do not have to literally shut up. Right?”

I managed to croak, “Tee hee...... don’t tell me you missed my ‘soulful’ renditions”.

And even after all these years, I still remember the answer, “You never know what you miss unltil you experience the lack of it.”

And the corollary is..... you never realise the worth of an individual...... until you experience the void left behind .....


Full2 Faltu said...

Here is a joke which is quite similar.

A person living on the first floor is pissed off by his neighbor on the second floor. The person on the second floor came home late every night in a drunken state. he would remove his shoes and toss them around the room at 2:00 AM i the night.

The person on the second floor use to wake up from his sleep due to the two thud sound. One day he talks to his second floor neighbor and tells him about the noise his shoes make when they hit the floor. The second floor neighbor applogises and promises to take care in the future.

That same night, the second floor neighbor comes home late and as everyday removes his shoes. He toses the first shoe on the floor when he remembers his converstation with his neighbor. He quitely puts the second shoe and goes to sleep.

2 hours later there is a knock on his door. he opens the door and is surprised to find his first floor neighbor on the door. The first floor neighbor looks hasseled at him and asks him;

"When will you drop the second shoe, so that I can sleep?"

Anyway the point is nice read.

Bahut pakane laga hoo main


White Magpie said...

Always after...Never before..

angada said...

always always...

Avinash said...

True True.. :)..

How good it would be to realise the worth of something and cherish it, before we lose it? I think it needs a lot of forward thinking and practice.. Sometime back, I thought you can sing well.. I'd rather not risk my taste for music.. ;P....

chitra said...

Hyuck hyuck too good :D!!


Howdu maaraaya...hege taDiyodu??

-/Avi I have resolved that I will definitely 'treat' you with a song ...;)

Sujit said...

ITs true.. but the void should not be large one that you cannot get back to the person!.. A short duration one!.. so good.. but long.. makes life a living hell??

Viky said...


chitra said...

hmmm....depends on the person in question.

Yaako maaraaya...smilie?

Sujit said...

yeah.. thats also true..