Tuesday, June 20, 2006

'Never say die' attitude

Thanks to burgeoning workload, I have not been able to enjoy some of the finer things in life......mainly my morning quota of tea.

Come to workplace, stare into the PC screen, go for lunch, stare into PC screen, go for tea, stare into the PC screen...... I think I have memorized the total number of pixels on my monitor screen. And ya......I did manage to get ‘some’ work done in between!

After a self-imposed hiatus of (few) loooonnnngg days (phull of er..... ‘work’), I happened to visit my usual haunt of a cafeteria today for a cuppa tea. Nothing could have prepared me for the enthusiastic welcome which they provided.

The vendor had the tea coupon ready even before I could open my mouth. The lady asked with apparent concern if I was keeping well or not. Well.....I realized that I look like a zonked out zombie (all zzzzzzzzzzzzzs) without my elixir of life. Then it was the turn of the tea supplier to show concern over my apparent road to thin-ity. Wow....see....... I don’t even have to try hard to reduce :) .Ran into a couple of my friends who seriously enquired if I was in love. I gave a wry smile and actually replied in affirmative - I can hardly wait to let the rest of the world know that I have fallen in love.. :) - and had a hard time putting a phullu-stop to the barrage of questions that followed

Bottom line – addiction has its effects felt


Rk said...

When did you fall ? Why did you fall ? How did you fall ?

Sujit said...

work is fine kind.. as long you enjoy it!.. but starring at monitor I am hating it!.. so, I see the monitor for few hours only.. remaining I go to library and to my work on paper or work on board!... its far better than looking at monitor!..

Yeah, addiction has its own effects.. when i was at iisc used to have 6-8 cups of coffee.. but now 0-1 :(.. enjoy your coffeessssssss!

Jinguchakka said...

The cafetaria's business might have gone down terribly because of your absence. :-)
That's why their fond welcome.
Their cash cow, you are!!

chitra said...

Aaaahhhh...... kya kahe, kaise kahe, kis se kahe?? :) :)

Arrey...swalpa tips koDi :)!

Hyuck hyuck....true true....! Imagine the profit they can make out of a single..er..no..make that two cups of tea every day... !!

Sujit said...

ayyo.. scohl kadime.. iisc adake tips illa :p.. andre eega ella kadKu tips :(.. dollors loss :(..

chitra said...

Huh? Artha agalilla maaraaya....

Sujit said...

I dont know.. what i was telling.. :(.. I am losttt.. :(

chitra said...

Ha ha....join the gang!

Madhooo said...

Ah! The whole day is made with the morning tea, alva?:)

chitra said...

You said it :)!