Monday, June 05, 2006

Main ek..par mere naam anek

Chits, Chitz, Chitu, Chitrahaar (came to know this through Khushi) – by some people whom I have met through my blog

Chi, Chits – by Aki and Anu

ViChitra - by both Ashu and her Father

Cheethakka -> Cheetha – by Adi. He cannot pronounce ‘r’ syllable yet :) ! Fancy me being compared to a leopard; the leopard would die of shame :) !

Chitraangada, Chitravaani, Chitrapushpa – by Mia.....eons ago

Chittu, Goobe, ChiTTe, Chitu, Chitraaaa, TaleharaTe – by Angii

Sprite, Picchi Pilla - by Bhopu. Still haven't asked him why (on the earth) he refers me by that name

Chitraanna, KaTThe, Goobe, KoTi and Chitra Aunty – by Bro dear. He insists that he will call me ‘Chitra Aunty’ after my marriage but has started calling me the same so that ‘I could get used to it’. Baah !!

Chaitra- by some confused individuals. Had to bear this confusion all throughout my school and college days. Thank God that there's no 'Chaitra' in my project.

Chitranna, Chitralahari, Chatri, Chithoo (pronounced as Chi-thoo :)..) – by most of my cousins in Hyderabad

Cibaca – namakaran by a few of my college-mates. Can’t say that I ‘loved’ it but definitely seemed better than Cutie Kitty given to some other classmate of mine. Phew!!

But the icing on the cake is LOHAPATAGAAMINI.

Perhaps I got the name due to the fact that I had become horizontally challenged during one summer.....or maybe due to my forceful nature. Aaaah......what’s for wishful thinking........:D

The rest are pet names which people close to me use.....but they can’t be divulged you see – top secret :) !


Khushi said...

you forgot one...
i like chitrahaar ... someone from blogosphere calls you that i guess ;-)

chitra said...

Hoon...have to update my post on that :)!

Anonymous said...

Lohapathagaamini is a very funny and an apt name esp when you were horizontally challenging the best in the industry!! Ha ha ha ha!

Wondering who this creative chap is!

chitra said...

Who else but the great Mr. Sachid? Eh? :D :D

ಅಸತ್ಯ ಅನ್ವೇಷಿ said...


Prashanth CM said...

Chitra aavre... (aavre kai alla, allla ...)
Following are my Aadhika Prasanga's exlusively for you ...

'Chattu' ( in tulu for something on the same line for LOHAPATAGAAMINI..ahem & this one is my cousin's nick name too ),

'chi-tara' (read in kannada),

'Chi' (chinese for soul/Life)

and ofcourse last but not the least 'Chi Chi' (govind's pet name).

Whoever said 'Whats in the name?'...

P.S: Your blog title remeinded me old Doordashan Animation song " eek chidia aanek chidia, dana chugne bait gayathi..." :)


chitra said...

Tee hee :)!!

Aadhika PrasangaLu sakkathaagive :)! Hoon ....title was based on the same :)!

Sujit said...

wow.. astondu hesaraaa??

chitra said...

Yenu maaDodu maaraaya..nanna hesare anthaaddu :) !!

endevourme said...

vichitra is the most appropriate

chitra said...

Yuppu :D !!

Avinash said...

strange nobody called u Chatri.. ;)

chitra said...

Ahem...please refer maaDi to the post once again :)!

Avinash said...

oops.. :)...

Anonymous said...

u missed out CRYPCHI:) apart from PRACHI n SPONCHI!!!

aa said...

chitrasahasranaama pathana maaDodrinda enenu puNya labhisuttave endu tamma mundina blog nalli "phalashruti" anta prakaTisidre chennagiratte. ;)

chitra said...

Tee hee :)!

Adu tammadu naamakaraNa alve?


Sujit said...

good.. depending on mood anyone keeps different names :p... anyone andre.. access iruvavaru mathra :D

chitra said...

Tee hee..bennu hinde hesaru kariyuvaroo irthaare. Me referring to people who can call 'names' right on my face :)!

Jay said...

"horizontally challenged"


chitra said...

Tee hee..ya... :D !! Good joke naa :D :D!!

Sujit said...

ya.... bennu hinde hesaru karivuvavaru yavagalu irtare.. dont care!!.. care for people you care you!!!... sare good night!!..