Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Today was something special – why? Read on.......

I was fighting the after-effects of one long journey in the bus – it’s indeed a ‘learning’ experience to fight back waves and waves of drowsiness induced by people who make that snore around you.

So, there I was.....ambling towards my building when I saw something gray swish across my path. I stopped and stared for sometime – you see, I had to ascertain whether it was my mind playing tricks on me because people around me passed by without even batting an eye-lid.

But no, it was there,
snaking under the under the bushes, sniffing here and there, scampering across the green grass, and taking refuge under yet another hedge, its gray tail swishing about gracefully.

What I did not understand was the reaction of others – silent, sleepy and totally non-interested in what’s happening around. Hmmm.......have we become so jaded that we fail to appreciate the beauty, sometimes hidden sometimes rampant, around us?

After all, it’s not every day that you come face to face with a mongoose!


Prashanth CM said...

//After all, it’s not every day that you come face to face with a mongoose!

Yeah right!!!, you come face to face with lots of 'monkeys' (!) (or of similar species) ;)

chitra said...

Tee hee...incuding the one reflected in your mirror :D :D !

Sujit said...

wow mongoose.. great!!.. itsa rare sight! except you go to zoo or some national park! if you canoul see in real life its your lucky day!..

chitra said...

Er...did not get the last part of your commentu!

angada said...

mongoose -- the last time I saw one was near home in my 4th std!

chitra said...

Howdaaaaa?? Ivathu phullu observation gothaa...yen slow aagi hogthaa ittu..yenenoo hedarike ne iralilla...:)!

Prashanth CM said...

//Tee hee...incuding the one reflected in your mirror :D :D !

me:Mirror, mirror on the wall tell me ... whose the most intelligent,handsome ...Eksetra..Eksetra..of all.

Mirror: Error!4211: The Page cannot be displayed.

yours Truly,

chitra said...

Hyuck hyuck...too goodu :D !!

aa said...

does infy have a zoo? or am i not aware of where you work! ;)

Anonymous said...

Infy is indeed a big zoo...;)

chitra said...

-/AA and Anon
Zoo? can say so...:)! Obbara kintha obbaru vichitra praaNigaLu sigthave..:)!

Viky said...

Hmm...I do come across some long-serving praaNigaLu in Ascent, every Wednesday.

Aditya said...

It is belived that its sight is very lucky, especially if it turns back at you :)

dont wait purchase some lottery tickets !

Aditya B

chitra said...

Tee hee....avaranna keLode beDa..:)!

Howdaa?? TaaLu taaLu...maaDtheene...better late than never :D !!