Saturday, April 22, 2006

The list.....

What do Harper Lee, Richard Bach, Umerto Eco, Danielle Steel, Arthur Freeman and Rose DeWolf, Robin Cook, Naba Barkakati have in common? To find out, read on..... :)

To kill a mockingbird - Harper Lee

Stranger to the ground - Richard Bach

Founcault's Pendulum - Umberto Eco

Echoes - Danielle Steel

Toxin - Robin Cook

The ten dumbest mistakes smart people can make and how to avoid them - Arthur Freeman and Rose DeWolf

Oh Mind Relax please - Swami

Red Hat Fedora Linux Secrets - Naba Barkakati

I have to read all these in a space of about three months! And considering the fact that I simply crash on reaching home from work, and my weekends are jam-packed, I am thinking as to where to fit in the schedule for reading them.

However today, I am quite confused at the turn of events, the direction in which a supposedly simple and harmless conversation forked to....and the consequence has left me feeling quite dazed, but (thankfully) not confused.

Complete them, I will... :)


Rk said...

I have to read all these in a space of about three months!

chitra said...

Because I have to return the books to their owners :)!

aa said...

chitra... "oh mind relax please" annodu ondu book bagge naanu keLiddeeni. bahaLa khaas illa anta nanna opinion. adanna last in the list iTTaroo tondre illa. :).

Shub said...

U can finish all of'em in a week itself....thnx to traffic jams in the city;-)

chitra said...

Adralli iro kathegaLu chennagive :)! ULididdu full okay-okay.

I would rather listen to music than read. But ya, given the urge to finish as fast I can, and depending on the interest, traffic jams will definitely be useful :)!

Anonymous said...

so-called-doDDa: I've read 'To kill a mocking bird'.. Kinda nice book, seeing life through the eyes of a young girl.

But if you think it is tough to read all of them, then read 'Oh mind relax please'. I haven't read the book. But I know with a relaxed mind anything can be achieved.. :).

saaka ishTu advice?... :)

chitra said...

Oh yes doDDa :) !! Anything good is always welcome !

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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