Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Disclaimer: The authoress does not claim any responsibility of the effects of these effects which have been compiled by her. So, the warning’s pretty clear – read it at your own risk.

Boomerang Effect:
Origin: From the vagaries of life
Simply explained – as you sow, so you reap. Just make sure that you do not do anything disrespectful or shameful in the process because there’s simply no guarantee that you would not be on the receiving end yourself.

Chipku Effect:
Origin: Window-watching from bus
When I observe the absolute lack of space between couples (read a guy and a lady) traveling on a two-wheeler (so far). How the guy concentrates on his driving can be the answer to anyone’s imagination..... ;) !

Cinderella Effect:
Origin: Whenever CM’s mobile goes gung-ho after an hour
One of the few people who has been graced with my ‘intellectual’ talk! And after yugjactly an hour’s one-sided conversation (you see, I will be the one who will be talking as if there’s no tomorrow; CM, for all I know, could be comfy and snoozing on a pillow), dinchaak- line -disconnection. CM had some vague explanation about mobile’s timer and stuff. But then, I cannot really explain the Cinderella Effect with respect to my mobile as well when I was bugging Gadha. Weird na??

Butterfly Effect:
Origin: When I spent around an hour on a bench along a shady tree-lined path full of butterflies
When one is badly in need of an idea/solution, the mind is totally blank or full of turmoil. However, the best of ideas strikes you when you are in a totally relaxed mood. Similar to butterflies which approach, flit around you, or even settle down when you are at a standstill.

Moodmaker Effect:
Origin: From a little bit of musical inclination and (tee..hee) Radio City
I need to hear at least one good song in the morning to make my day. If not, I would have to at least remember one good song. There are times when I catch myself recalling some intricate melody as soon as I wake up and to my utter disgust, fail to recall later. It’s not as if as I eat, sleep and drink music. But ya, I cannot really exist without music-one necessity in any form, any melody. Food : hunger :: music : soul.

Pendulum effect:
Origin: From Gadha
Emotions vary in a manner similar to the pendulum:
Yuxtremely optimistic <-> optimistic <-> Balanced (realistic) <-> pessimistic <-> Yuxtremely pessimistic. The time needed to balance is what differentiates the emotional from the sane, and it is never the same all the time. It’s at this time when I feel the urge to actually talk to someone. Aauunnnddd the most likely targets are two of my corner-stones. Because, unlike most men, they actually listen without offering any solution :) !!

So.....any after-effects after wading through this post :) ?


Shruthi said...

Heh heh.. I love your little lists and effects and laws and pieces of logic. These are usually something I would have observed, but never bothered to note or list down.. Such joy :)

chitra said...

Tee hee..tanku tanku ! Results of having a logical mind :) !!

Sunshine said...

A smile on my face, and a thought on your writing style. Made me go back to the first two words written by you describing yourself.

I'm a saggi too and can pretty much relate to the description :)

chitra said...

Hey..thanks Hetal!!

ritzkini said...

girls..and their moods...

chitra said...

Tee hee..don't worry will definitely be married to one. Then you will come to know in detail :) :)!

Anonymous said...

so-called-doDDa: laughing... :).. I usually have lurker effect.

lurker effect: Wake up in the morning and a song sticks to your mind. You realise you haven't heard it for a long long time or you actually hated it.. :). And then this song lurks in your mind all through the day. It used to happen on all exam days with me.

Recently, it started again with 'oOOo OOoo ooOo oOoo.. ashiq banaya...'... grrrr... :(.. the whole day was screwed.

chitra said...

Tee hee..good one :)! But ya, sometimes you really cannot help it and are stuck with that song throughout !!

aa said...

"There are times when I catch myself recalling some intricate melody as soon as I wake up and to my utter disgust, fail to recall later." .... purrrffecttt. i go through the same. nice wording chitra!

Anonymous said...

Chupku Effect: :-). When driving is a matter of life and death, I guess you know where he gets the concentration from. :-)

Moodmaker Effect: Lately, i have been humming Tamanna songs as soon as I wake up. 'Uth meri jaan mere saath hi chalna hai tujhe'. Hmm...come to think of it, why am I singing this one early in the morning. Time to change the job I guess. :-)

As usual, nice one.


Anonymous said...

Good effects... :)


Art said...

Good compilation :)
Boomerang Effect: Quite true.. and sometimes u get things even though u have never given ;) [good n bad]

Chipku effect: ahem ahem no comments

Cinderella Effect:
Idu swalpa artha aaglilla

Butterfly Effect:
Oh I would just love that

Moodmaker Effect:
True true very true...

Pendulum effect:
Very difficult to be in the middle

After affects antha en illa :)

chitra said...

Tanku tanku :) !

Tee hee..."time to change the job" :) :) !! And ya, thanks !

Ahem..thanks !

Thanks kaNe!
Cinderella kathe gotha? After exactly an hour, Cinderella's chariot turns into a pumpkin and the horses are transformed to four white mice :)! So, keeping the time criterion in mind, the mobile switching off (without any apparent reason) after an hour is Cinderella effect :) !

And good to see that there are no afer-effects :) !!

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Anonymous said...

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