Thursday, March 09, 2006

Yeh bachon ki baat nahi ...

Radio City hosts a one-hour request show (aptly) named “Breakfast with the Brats” especially for school-going children.

All I can say is – it’s differently cute (or cutely different..or whatever) :) !!

It’s fun listening to children especially six-seven year olds express their ‘high-and-mighty’views on subjects like homework, school, dolls etc. And yup, kudos to RJ Vasanthi for coaxing the sweet words out of them. Not every one can communicate with children, right?

This Thursday was no different – Vasanthi had made it all the more interesting by promising Barbie dolls as gifts for all the children who would be put on air. There was one little lady complaining that Barbie dolls should be given to girls instead of boys because they take better care of the dolls. That indignation in the little one’s voice made me chuckle aloud eliciting a has-this-girl-gone-mad stare from my neighbour. Wow... chuckling bhi manaa hain kya??

But what made me sit straighter and listen was the rendition of ‘Jhalak Diklaaja’ (Aksar) from a six-year old. Even Himesh Reshammiya, the music director of Aksar, would have signed her up on the spot without even the benefit of an audition. Here ended the fun part. On a serious note, it was not as if I was expecting rhymes, but is this a song which can be sung by a six-year old in the first place? And congratulated for the same?

Sigh.....kidz these days......(psssst...... now I can relate how Kini felt)

Blame it on the generation gap............

Or perhaps, I have to grow up :)!


Shruthi said...

Hey thanks for the link on Vasanti.. I really like her! :)
I only get to listen to the last ten mins of Breakfast with... but its fun!

chitra said...

Always welcome Shruthi :)!

AA said...

can i listen to radio city - bangalore online? probably that will take me back to b'lore (mentally)! :)
studies have shown that young boys indulge in destructive/fighting kind of games where as little girls like to play with dolls and build houses.. etc. it has been my observation too... i have seen my friends' kids behave exactly the same way as the studies predict.

Sujatha said...

I agree with you about young kids not being exposed to appropriate child-friendly media. There is no concept of not broadcasting programmes that are not appropriate for children when they might be watcfhing TV or even the parents don't really monitor what their kids are watching/listening to. Quite opposite, in fact, it's the parents themselves that encourage listening to and dancing to "adult" songs. I feel kids lose their innocence this way. Sad.

chitra said...

I guess you can. Try maaDi noDu!

Kidz.....!! Charu has written a good post on this issue at Let me know what you feel about it!

Khushi said...

Hey, even I love the brkfast with brats.

//but is this a song which can be sung by a six-year old in the first place?

he he, dear, we live in the hoDi-maga days... and the best part is parents feel so proud and clap for such songs. So..... :)

chitra said...

I feel old....:) !! No make that ancient... :)!

Vikram said...

I have to listen to that song. Never heard that.

Kids are too smart these days. When i was in bangalore last summer, my neighbor's five year old girl said "what up bro?" when she saw me. My jaw dropped.

chitra said...

Song is not that good - typical Himesh number. Jaw still intact?? :) :)

Vikram said...

Who is this Himesh guy? Famous singer huh?

Jaw is fine. But I didn't know what to say that time. I was shocked.

chitra said...

Illa... music director cum singer. And can understand :) !!

ritzkini said...

we are ancient...siiggghhh...thats the word..
oh,btw..there was a show on SABTV a few years back.."Say na something to Anupam Uncle"...awesome aagithu !Anupam kher having fun with some kids..
unfortunately,not on air anymore.dont think so,anyways..

Rajit said...

I am happy in one way that Kannada movies are not popular among youngsters these days, if they were, God knows what all would we get to hear from the kids!!

chitra said...

Tee hee tee hee.. :) !!

Not all Kannada movies are bad. But ya...majority of them are ...well...yuck !