Thursday, March 02, 2006

The turnaround...

The ‘dreaded’ M word is making its rounds.

Parents, relatives, so called well-wishers, cousins, door-ke-rishtedaar, Maa-ke-uncle-ke-bhateeje-ki-saali-ki-neighbour – this affair has become well-publicized for all and sundry.

When I was confronted with this word more than a year ago, my parents were rewarded with a curt but emphatic - No.

“I am still young/immature/inexperienced/not-ready-for-such-a-drastic-step .......” and the list grew in size.

In truth, it scared the hell out of me.

My parents had not bargained for this sort of reaction from their usually well-behaved daughter (notice that I did not use the word ‘meek’?). But they, being parents, gave in to my pleadings and granted me the much needed commodity called time.

Time lasting for one whole year........

It’s said that the matter constituting the universe changes every second.

Well........I have to admit that I am small fry in comparison.

Pummi celebrated his completion of a quarter century of his existence on this earth in style – by inviting me and Aru for a treat at our favourite hang-out. Good food, good ambience and good company – life mein aur kya chaahiye ?? (Psssstt......I have borrowed this from Anu :)).

As I sat there and watched a teenaged guy – with not less than three girls for company (wonder how that guy manages?) – make a royal fool of himself, Pummi jolted me back to the reality by burping loudly (sheesh) and asking – “What now, Chitra?”

“Huh?? What now? I am not sure if I can get up after eating so much!” was my response.

“No no..... I was referring to your future plans.”

I blinked. Maybe completing 25 had made him a dotty enough to enquire about my future plans when he should be planning his.

On observing my quizzical look he enumerated “When will you treat us to a nice banana platter lunch?”

My “Any day, any time.....” drew a round of full-throated laughter (mind you, it’s not giggles).

Aru managed to get this in between chuckles “I .... I mean......we were referring to wedding-platters in particular."

I smiled – and I mean it – I actually smiled.

Guess I have finally got used to the M-word..........


Grandebelf said...

Desperate attempts to get responses for ur matrimonial ad huh?

alpha said...

looks like you decided my ad wasn't adequete. good luck..i am sure this will do it. methinks guys were hesitant to be dedicating songs.

chitra said...

Nahiinnnnnnnnn (phull philmi style)!!!

Hyuck hyuck your ad was priceless !! :) :)

Jyothika said...

super flower pic-campus du??
naanu yenu comment haakli, ivaru ibbru helbitralla...;O)

chitra said...

Nope...naanu tegililla :) ! But good one na. Colour contrast bombaat aagi ide. Comment kurithu swalpa oLLedu aagli antha haaraisu saaku :) :) !

Vikram said...

hahaha, damn it can freak anyone out. i don't why they are all after us. i think it's a big conspiracy. shhhh...

PS : women are not the only one facing the problem ;)

chitra said...

Et tu?? :) :) That makes me feel really better :) :) !

Vikram said...

Yeah da... :(

deadline kooda kotbitidaare.. :(

why don't we get together? hehehe.. kidding..:D

i'm glad it made you feel better. :)

chitra said...

Nanna deadline expire aayithu ! So..... :( :). Hoon...ticket kaLisu. Munde noDona :) :) !!

Grandebelf said...

I always felt google should have a matrimonial search.. would make life so much simpler;)

Phoenix said...

Thankk god i am only 19 yet and i can sit and relax for atlst 10 yrs more!

but since u have started to smile, i hope u have found ur reason to smile too. hidden beneath a blush and a smile, eh?

ritzkini said...

Ley...maduva MaDkolle..settle down in life...
amma-appa heLindhange maduvudhu namma kartavya...

chitra said...

Don't even dare to sell the idea to them. I can now heave a sigh of relief :) :)!

(Blush blush blush blush) :) :)

"maduvudhu"?? Oman going Kannada marethu hoging?? :) :)