Thursday, March 30, 2006

Going around in circles?

I have been known in my circle as ‘the girl with THE long hair’. In fact, I go so far as to state that people identify me with my two-plus-feet long hair; from relatives to friends, Chitra --> long hair – as simple as that.

So, when I bumped into one of my college-mate’s Mom, it was no wonder that the first thing she enquired was about my hair
:) ! “Oh my, it’s become soooo thin. Are you not taking good care of it? BTW, what do you apply? Do you use Shampoo or Shikakai?” enthused the lady-with-the-never-ending-list-of-questions.

Any other time, I would have been glad (and patient enough) to field her questions. But, I was experiencing the effects of a typical bad-day-at-work. I was tired, hungry and irritated. The thing which I would have preferred most was an hour of blissful sleep (one of the few times I preferred sleep over food) or a long walk, and not this idle talk.

But the situation became unbearable when she ran her hand along the length of my plait, right from my nape till the end. At this point, my tolerance went for a full-fledged sixer! I had never felt this uncomfortable till this point. “Now or never”, and thus making some insipid excuse, I escaped.

On my way back home, I could not help wondering about a conversation which I had with AA ages back, regarding the theory of concentric circles. According to this theory, consider yourself standing at the center of a number of concentric circles. The nearest circle surrounding you consists of people closest to you – such as family, close friends, husband etc. The intimacy factor of the relationship decreases with the increase in the distance from the center i.e you. But the bottom line is, you grant certain rights to these people. And you alone can revoke them.

So, keeping this in mind, the only person whom I allowed to comb my hair was my Mom....... and she stopped doing that more than ten years ago!


Anonymous said...

so-called-doDDa: yaene.. ee doDDangoo biDalva? naanu outer circlege hogbiTna ishT baega? yaeno ashT oLLe koodlu identha haeLtaare ashTe. ninge mood sari illa anta avrige haege gothhagbaeku paapa.. :)...

On a serious note, u should have clearly told outright that you are tired and want to sleep. Why excuses? Also, if they are in the inner circle, you should have more freedom to say what you feel without fear or favor. Right?

chitra said...

It's not that my mood was good or bad. It's just the freedom with which people treat others - avarige haage koodalu muTTidare yen maaDtha idro? :) :) Just because they may be okay with it does not mean I too am okay with it!

Problem is that my limit of politeness is extended when people belonging to the outer circle take liberties which I grant only to those in the inner circle. Ee case alli haage aayithu :) !

Anonymous said...

do u have any plans to translate this post in hindi...with title of post as "DUNIYA GOL HAIN";-)

Anonymous said...

so-called-doDDa: hmm.. do something to solve that problem then. Be polite but firm. board hiDkonDu tirgaaDu.. ;). 'u r in outer circle' anta.

aa said...

yeah... i remember that discussion of ours about circles. it fits into this context very wel. i can so understand what u must have gone through. i think i would have reacted in a similar way.
by the way... i do not agree with ur colleague-mate's mom's opinion about ur hair becoming "soo thin". i think they are as healthy as they used to be :) (i can say that without touching them) :) :)

lakshana said...

*well... u shud b proud of ur hair(am sure u already r).. n as for those ppl who react to u this way.. well.. u cant help it..looks like u've set urself a trade mark... they can get quite bugging though...i guess sheepish smiles wit an "xcuse me plz".. or "think i hear my cell fone ringing.." or.."nice to meet u n ttfn.." might do the trick :P

*ur theory of concentric circles sorta reminded me of the model of atoms:P(weird analogy but thz wat struck me!)

Anonymous said...

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chitra said...

Hyuck hyuck...kyon?? :)

Adu default doDDa. Board not needed :) !

Tee hee..thanks kaNe :) !

-/Lakshana that you say, it does sound similar.

Khushi said...

ya.. everyone doesnt deserve a front row seat :)
oDisbiDu.... :D

chitra said...

Yup...well summarised da!

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